Monday, March 12, 2007

WELCOME to my (crazy) world.

Hello to all,

You are forewarned that I am 'HE of a thousand thoughts' but very few words.

Well, not really!

I have so many things I want to write about, but cramming them all into a neatly structured format is going to be Very difficult since I have a tendency to freely skip from one idea to the next.
In a normal blog(g), you would see a beginning, a middle, some smart comments and a conclusion (an ending).

In my blog(ggg)s you are going to be presented with an idea or an observation, explained miserably, with my thoughts spread thought out, a stop, well actually more of a pause than a stop, a stammer, a trip (head over heels most likely) to nowhere (its more of a splat, as I am falling flat on me face) with my hands firmly secured in my pockets (just lucky I guess).

The END will seem soooooooooo far away, and when it does arrive, you will be left wondering "was it really worth it?", while I stand satisfied; moving on to my next conquest.

So, I say "YESsssss!”. [I really do not have an idea why I am saying “YES” here, but is seems a good place as any and it fits].

Enjoy my blog(g)s and please (do not) hesitate to post your (productive) comments.

Welcome into my world (madness more like it).

I hope you now understand (and forgive).