Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is there a sign stuck to my back?

I swear, today i felt like someone had stuck a sigh on my back.

It started off 5 minutes in to my afternoon jog when a man turned towards me and started making gestures with his hands, as if to indicate that he was looking for someplace or thing, and then he began to shout at me in an un-comprehendible dialect, I shrugged my shoulders, waved with my hands to so he would know i didn't understand and continued jogging.

Further ahead, i was waved to a halt by a woman in a car, who asked for directions to a Garden that i had never heard of; i just explained that i too was a foreigner in OMAN and did not know the location.

Later in the evening, while i sat at a coffee shop and was having my grilled Hamour dinner, a young guy comes up to me and asks me where to get a packet of cigarettes.

For god sakes, is there something written on my forehead that i'm not aware of. I don't mind helping people but this is just absurd. Is there a camera around that i'm not aware of....?

CX movie review - RAMBO 4

I did not have a good selection of movies to choose from so i settled for RAMBO 4.

Walking into the movie theater, i was unsure of what to expect; I had grown up with the original movies and loved them all, even with his messed up accent & lame acting.

The hype going around is that Silvester Stalone is old; he can't act and would probably be holding a walking stick throughout the movie .

The Plot
From the start, i was immediately shocked by the scenes of murder, genocide, torture, mutilation, rape and plunder that befell the Burmese people.

A group of missionaries hire RAMBO to take them to the outskirts of Burma where the villagers requireing aid, are deprived from basic necessities of life, living in fear of the Burmese military leadership and are prevented from worshiping their prefered religion.

The initial drop off goes well, with a little hick up that RAMBO takes care of in seconds.

The real story starts when the missionaries are captured by the Burmese military and a group of mercenaries + John RAMBO come to their aid.

There is a lot of VIOLENCE.

What I really thought of it:
This movie is absolutely disturbing; but one good it does is bringing the plight of the Burmese people and what they had to live through for the world to see. THE DEPTS OF EVIL WITHIN HUMANITY IS ENDLESS.

The CX Rating
The plot was OK and the acting wasn't bad, but just for bringing up the subject of Genocide and depicting the atrocities i'll give it a 7.

So go and enjoy the movie, learn about the happenings around us, but just make sure you don't have a week stomach, even i had a hard time watching some of the scenes.

Final note, i salute Silver Stalone on a job well done in Directing the M ovie......

Monday, January 14, 2008

What is in the name SHAIKHA?

In general, the salutations SHAIKHA or SHAIKH are used to call upon a female or male with some degree of respect.

Others use it to point out that a person is rather daft.

Me, i use them to cover my shortfall; where for some reason or another i cannot remember names of people whom i have just met, or have known for some time.

This is no joke, i have gone for weeks directly dealing with people but never knowing or remembering their names. I know it's rude but hey, the brain cells must be rapidly deteriorating in the area of my brain used for recalling names.

Once, during my secondment in Qatar, my colleagues and i went out with an employee of the bank who was gracious enough to offer, WHICH WE GLADLY ACCEPTED. After arriving at the location, he excused himself to go to the little boys room. Foolishly i turned to my colleagues and asked them what the guy's name was, i was met with blank faces, then grins of despair; the bastards could not remember his name either. So for the remainder of the evening i continued to call him 'Yesh Shaikh'.

I fear this is also happening to me in Oman, i have not been invited out much and am keeping away from such invitations for fear of being exposed. Today i was asked by a lady, 'how come i call her and three others SHAIKHA', i lied through my teeth and told her that it was out of respect for all of them...if only she knew the truth.....

Now faces, are another matter; i never forget a face, the name that goes with the face is an utterly different matter.....

Sometimes I use a name association gimmick where u link the name of a person u've just met with someone u already know, but if the name is not common, then basically u should know that i'm F*ed, and have no choice but to fall back on my old reliable aids; the honorary salutation.

MY POINT being, if you ever meet me in person and i greet you with SHAIKH or SHAIKHA, then you should realize that i have already forgotten your name....don't take it personally......and i apologis in advance.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another Year waisted....another year gained

Another year wasted, another year gained age wise, and nothing to show for it.

Well, not really, Yes i've gotten older, my joints now speak to me more frequently; athletic abilities i once took for granted are now cumbersome, BUT i'd like to think i've also gotten wiser, doe things i'd once throught impossible, met more interesting people and made even more friends; and lets not forget having seen the world, ok not the whole world, but there is still time for that...

I spent the last day of the year at work, so it should not surprise you that i continued to work at home well into the late hours of the night and into the new year thereby ensuring i began the new year the same way i ended the last....

At one point of time in life i was the youngster at work, now i'm one of the more experianced, but not the elderly so that is something good to look forward to.

Life, my friend has its ups and downs, and all we can do is wait it our and try our best to come out unscaved OR we can try and be one of the few who can take the bull by the horns and actually make a difference, who live how we want to and do what we love, LIFE IS GOOD. Think about it, there are things that happen in this world that we have no control over, so why bother yourself, rather, concentrate on the things that are within your control.

I believe i'm in a good place for now, life is hard but it's going in the direction that it should.....

And just for the record 17 seconds into the new year, my new years resolution was over... so now i assign little tasts for myself rather than Gigantic impossibilities.

Of the many small tasks, here are two that are within my grasp;
a) Drive all the way from Bahrain to Oman, in my 2002 Mitsubishi colt...(read about it in my blog soon)

b) Loose as much weigh as possible by my 34th birthday, which is on 23rd February.... (i will write about that on the B day.

Enjoy 2008, and as always i'm late but.............HAPPY NEW YEAR..

Fart-a-Thon know where this is prepare yourself.

Farting comes naturally to us all, call it flatulence, breaking wind, letting one go, passing gas, or any other work in the English vocabulary that catches your fancy.

The fact of the matter is, most of us have done it and will continue to do so, some willingly and by choice, other just because the pressure can no longer be contained within.


I've been a victim of soo many bloat and run incidents that its reached a level of National Security.

Whether it be the Cinema incident where the guy in front just continued to churn out loads of Gas, his chimney put the local dump to shame.

Or at the airport when i was about to walk the stairs up to the plane, behind a woman who had her rump in my face, and JUST had to let one go....It was silent but DEADLY...I KID U NOT.

Another time i was talking to a colleague who was discussing something or the other and, FART, right in the middle of his conversation let an ear popper out, yet he continued as though nothing had happened....WOW..

Once, some friends and i were driving around in my car when one of them let go a radio-active waste of a fart, No Sound, Butttttt ooohh mummaaaa, the smell was unbearable....I slammed down the break, put the car in park and got the hell out of the car, pursued by the other two innocent guys. While the FARTIST just sat there laughing his head out, 5 minutes later we all got back into the car, drove on, and all the way home, i had my head stuck out the car window.

Alas, one must also consider the importance of a well placed release, MY friends can vouch for this, but i'm told that on a cold winters day, when you've gotten into bed and are desperately trying to get warm, by immersing yourself completely under the blanket and letting a couple of stinkers loose, you can either knock yourself out or warm up the surrounding air, but you just need to learn to live with the SMELL.

I'm not so innocent myself, my biggest weakness is when i laugh out loud uncontrollably, i lose control over my body and occasionally let one RIP. To date, i can recollect this shameful accident has happened to me no less than 4 times, but with sheer dump luck my laughs have always been able to muffle out the FART noise, so I was safe as no one was the smarter; until now since i'm exposing myself to the whole world.

NOW, what would be the point of writing this; well, just that the only gas one should let go should be in the sanctity of their own home NOT in other people's faces or cars or elevators......AND FOR GOD SAKES GO TO THE TOILET BEFORE LEAVING HOME.