Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Losing you child over a 'Special Offer' at GEANT, IS it worth the discount?

A few weeks back, during last months GEANT hypermarket’s special offer week, my wife and I were walking through the isles looking around I the canned food isles.

We walk by this little girl who was desperately looking around trying to find her mother, she looked upset and was very bravely holding back her tears; we stood like mannequins in our spot, motion less holding a can of some thing or the other in our hands, our eyes firmly fixated on her, observing, just to make sure she was ok and until she found her mother.

She eventually did; relieved that she was safe we turn around and continue looking at the remaining un-chartered isles behind us, just then I hear over the loud speakers a GEANT employee announcing that yet another child was lost and looking for his parents.

F’ing parents should be taken out and shot.

Them, with their googly wide eyes, those discounts are sure worth loosing your child over.

Heck, GEANT might just have a special offer on kids tomorrow, so we might as well get two for the price of one.

There should be a child welfare representative on duty at the GEANT hyper market and any other locations where children are frequently being misplaced; alternatively the parents should be reported to the authorities and who in turn put a hefty fine on them.

Maybe if it’s not in their interest to look the other way when shopping rather keeping one eye on their child and the other on the product they intend to purchase, maybe then, they might think twice and be more careful and take care of what is most important.

I’d still shoot them but I know it’s not up to me.

Oh hey, the GEANT special offers are on again, and yes I was there today, and YES I heard yet another announcement of a lost child.

What, you want the gun now?

Traffic Directorate, sucking milk directly from the Cash Cow's udder!

Have you ever wondered why, even after numerous declarations by the Traffic Directorate emphasizing Bahrain’s citizens to adhere to the Traffic Laws, or face stiff fines and / or time behind bars, there is no actual nation wide enforcement of some laws except during the last ten days of every month.

Have you notices that?


Why do you think that is?

The offences that I am referring to are;
a) Not wearing your seat belts
b) Talking of a cell phone while driving

The new cell phone law just made some people very rich by selling lots of Bluetooth ear phones, but you can still hundreds of people continuing to speak on their mobiles while driving.

Why is that?

These are ‘cash cows’, and they have been milking them for such a loooooooong time, its pure profit being harvested at their discretion; income generated through non-application of existing Traffic laws which generate lots of income for the Traffic Directorate.

I have a theory that goes something like this; If the Traffic directorate come down hard on all offenders, and really implement a nation wide ban of the above two offences by making examples of perpetrators, then, the money will immediately stop flowing.

So the cows are a allowed to graze and every so often, they are herded back into the barn, plugged into the suction gizmos and the white gold just flows, milked till they quench their thirst, always leaving more for later.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many laws that the Traffic police won’t stand for and will stop offenders and issue citations, but they are not willing to let the udders dry out and continue suckling on them each time the thirst resurfaces.

Would you like a glass and some biscuits?

What do you think, have I lost it or is there really some truth to what I am saying?

You be the judge.

Pulp fiction on Dubai ONE TV, are you kidding meeeeeeeeeeee!

It took me quite a long time to recover from laughter when I saw the advertisement on Dubai’s One T.V.; they were going to screen Pulp Fiction, Hahahahahaaahah.

If you’re a movie buffs or aficionados and still lurking out there, who’s watched and enjoyed Pulp Fiction, you will know that without the explicit and implied sexual scenes, the movie is utterly worthless.

And yet, Dubai’s ONE TV had put it upon them selves to screen the movie.

They did last week, and I didn’t watch.

Why should I, it was going to suck.

It would’ve been like trying to gnaw at a big juicy piece of steak, but just the bones NO MEAT AT ALL.

Anyways, I was watching DUBAI 1 TV today and one of (the many) spike lee movies about basketball was on; in one scene a guy & a girl are in a room; the guy tells the girl that they should play a game of One on One STRIP basketball, my ass, in six seconds flat, and the guy having scored on the girl, rather than seek her take something off, the scene changed.


Figures, anyways, the movie really sucked and I wasn’t interested in watching the girl strip, I’m just trying to make a point here.

Dubai One TV should in future just stick to what they are able to show, nothing else.


Oh yah, does any one out there remember Saudi Arabia’s Aramco Channel 3?

Yes, they too censored a lot of stuff, but I just loved getting up early in the morning and watching cartoons and stuff from 9am till 12 noon and then 1pm onwards….

I especially loved the NBA and American football game that they put on. I remember like it was yesterday, I’d be coming back from school in our bus, and as soon at we reached my bus stop, I’d jolt out and sprint all the way home just to reach in the nick of time and watch what every time remained of the game.

Aah, those were the good old day.

Sorry, I got off tract there for a bit.

The fact still remains that Dubai’s One TV sucks and should stick to what they are good at and nothing more.

The question to as would then be, Why was I watching the channel if I don’t like it so much?

The WIFE!!!!!

SUMMERs HERE, and the Ministry of E&W are at it again!

Today (28th May 2007) was a blistering hot summer’s day. IT’S THE BEGINNING.

Yes, this is the real summer and it’s going to get even worse. The SUN is damn hot and with the humidity that will be upon us, we are once again at the mercy of the Ministry of E&W.

A few days back, the Prime Minister reiterated that the government will be working extra hard to ensure that the increased demand in the power supply is catered for so as not to disrupt the lives of Bahrain’s residents.

I don’t believe the Ministry of E&W got the memo, in fact, I believe they are still following the old procedure of shutting the electricity off or / & turning off the water supply when people need it the most.

To my knowledge, TODAY, the power supply got cut-off in certain areas of Jed Ali at least once; and no fewer than three times in Manama.

So, prepare to get into your residential saunas and sweat it out.

This is just the beginning….

Want some lemonade?

I deliver for an extra fee!

But you might have to wait until after the power turns back on; it seams that in my haste to take advantage of this opportunity and make millions, and because it’s bitch dark now, I have mistaken the salt for sugar, there was no ice left in the fridge (it melted away) so I used frozen chicken nuggets and I can’t tell if the spoon I used was clean or not.

Other than that, I am now open for (delivery) business…….

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Clock within me was right all along!

Every day, very early in the morning, my alarm clock goes off, with its ringing bellowing in the back ground, my clock is trying to communicate to me that it’s now time to get up and get into the ritual of the three Ss’ and then get ready and go to work.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Three Ss’, it’s ‘S#!t’, ‘Shower’ & ‘Shave’.

I always disagree with the alarm clock and put it back on to snooze mode, which indicated to the alarm clock that it must ring at another time; this is just to get that extra couple of minutes of deserved rest, or transitional sleep.

I believe all this happens because of the natural inner clock within me which is telling me that it’s just too early to get up, I know that it is right and ever one and every thing around me are wrong. This has been the case for all of the three decades or so that I have been on this planet.

I still remember in my hay days when my mum tried desperately to get me to wake up early and go to school; even then It took me a long time, I would some times get up and go to the wash room, turn on the tap and place one my hand under it so as to make the splashing sound, then I would close my eyes and try and squeeze a couple of minutes of sleep, before my mum would come and bang on the toilet door waking me up again and forcing me to finish up and get out.

Anyways, I bring this subject up because of the article that I read in the GDN on xxx, displayed below where an MP suggests that we should turn forward our clocks back to the original time that we were on in the 80s (or what ever time back ???) which was GMT+4.

For the full article go to

On a serious note, will this suggested change in time be an added advantage or a disaster.

Will we get more day-light or darkness?

Should 1 hour be added or deducted?

Will I get more sleep or LESS???

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Dear Oprah,

I was watching TV a few weeks back and your show was on MBC4 (a regional sattelite channel in the middle east); on this specific episode you had a guests on who was encouraging American to learn more about the other 'Great Religions' of the world rather than being ignorant of the fact and listening only to what other people are saying (their opinion and not facts) i.e. the lies being told; you made a ‘Huh’ sound of confusion/disapproval when he mentioned ISLAM.

For someone who claims to be very open minded, peace loving and a defender of the human right, your reaction was quite the opposite and imitated that of a an ignorant person; the same people your guest was talking about.

American's have an arrogance that prevents them from looking at the whole picture when it comes to ‘why’ others feel negatively towards them, and the news channels don't help either by filtering all the actual news and leaving only the bits that suits their purpose and befits the lobbyists.

Every religion has its fanatics who quote scriptures to justify their actions; these must be taken with a grain of salt until you have a better and complete understanding of what the scriptures and holy books actually say & mean; you have not done so yet your actions suggest that your mind has already been made, and that is a big character flaw.

Also, I have recently read that you will be visiting Israel on a humanitarian gesture; I hope you have the guts to take a gander at the other side of the fence rather that restrict yourself to what the Israel’s PRs will be limiting you to, but I doubt that will ever happen. Americans have become fearful of speaking out against the Israel’s occupation of Palestine for fear of being branded an ‘Anti-Semitic’; you are no different. You and other Americans are spoon fed every thing that Israel’s armed forces give news agencies to be broadcast on the US airwaves /satellite channels, and you accept it without question.

Israel is going to be using your visit as a means of showing the world that you wholeheartedly support their cause and believe their ‘bull shit’ that they are only defending themselves with their pre-emptive attacks. THAY ARE THE VISTIMS HERE.

Your support and therefore that of millions of Americans’ who worship you, will be used to further justifying their continuing ‘illegal’ occupation of Palestinian lands and gradual annexation, until all traces of the existence of a Palestinian state is erased from the world and history books.

You will not see, and most probably have no interest in seeing, the atrocities being committed against poor Palestinian civilians, the crimes against humanity, the illegal eviction of people from their home, the demolition of homes while families are sleeping in them, and let’s not forget the genocide that is condoned and encouraged by your government.

It still amazes me that even after 40 years of occupying another state; Israelis are perceived as the victims.

Here’s an article by Stephen Lendman on his blog titled ‘Forty Years of Occupation’ depicting the history of the Occupation for you to read and laugh at on your trip to Israel:

I also suggest you try and converse with prominent Rabbis, who have a very interesting theory on Zionism and a clear and precise definition of a ‘Jew’ verses a ‘Zionist’.

An interesting site is:

A clip from YouTube;

This subject will probably not interest you much as the green back that you have collected over the years may dwindle if you even hint that what Israel is doing MAY ACTUALLY BE ILLEGAL & / or if you accept the fact that YOUR GOVERNMENT TURNS A BLIND EYE to the atrocities being committed by Israel against Palestinians; I guess you would agree that THERE IS DEFINITELY NO DOUBLE STANDARDS BEING EXERCISED BY THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT when it continues to veto the vote to ‘condemn Israel’ by the United Nations for YET ANOTHER INCURSION BY ISRAEL’S FORCES ONTO ITS NEIGHBOURS LANDS.

You know best, well at least that what the people around you say to you.

I suggest you extent your vision beyond the clouds around you and open your ears and listen to the other side of the conflict.

I hope you sleep well at night.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I hate awkward moments!

I hate awkward moments, and yesterday I had my lion’s share.

I was returning back from my customary pilgrimage to the toilet, a visit that I must perform at the end of each business day before leaving the office, else the flood waters burst half way home while I’m still in the car, also I’ve heard that it’s not good for the prostrates if you hold it in, anyway….

As I was heading back to my desk, a fellow colleague whom I have never conversed with walked along side me, heading towards the elevators which are located at our end of the building.

We both looked up and saw the silhouette of a guy walking on the upper levels, walking towards the elevators. The guy turns around and sees us, he’s about a hundred and fifty feet away, I think.


Any way, he sees us and waves, I squint but can’t make out who it is, so I don’t wave and lower my head just to make the guy believe that I hadn’t noticed him, also thinking that my fellow colleague was the subject of his farewell.

I turn around to my colleague and he has a blank look on his face; DAMN, he didn’t know who it was either.

Feeling sorry for the guy, I look back up at him, he waves at us again as he gets into the elevator, so I wave back.

I turn to my colleague;

Colleague: “Did you know him”

ME: “NO”

The blank face returns back onto his face again,

Colleague: “Huh”

Me: “Yah”.

And another awkward moment ensues….

This would probably be the moment where you’d hear crickets in the back ground had we been in a movie.

We each go our own way………THANK GOD

Kenya ran against Kenya, & Kenya won.

Hah haaaaaa,

Quote from yesterday's Tribune (21 May 2007)

Bahrain won another gold medal on the third day of the 15th Arab Athletics Championships held in Amman yesterday.Middle East distant runner Tareq Mubarak won the gold medal for the men’s 3000m steeplechase. Tareq has been competing in international athletics tournament and had recently won gold in the Asian games after edging on another Kenyan-born runner Gamel Belal Salem of Qatar to win on the same event for the first day of track and field competition.

IT seems like our import was better than Qatar’s.

I'd rather have a Bahraini attempt to compete in one of these events and fail rather than be represented by a 'naturalized' import. Does this mean that Bahrainis’ are not good enough? If you think so, then just look at 'Ruqaya Al Ghasra'.

This doesn’t improve the prospects of aspiring young Bahrainis’ who dream of competing in sports and other such events in the future. Since there is no support from the government, in future, Bahrain's government will again have to import athletes.

If other GCC states do it, it does not make it right, nor should we follow suit.

My Slogan: SUPPORT, not IMPORT!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Fart ATTack, in the CINEMA, PEW!

I went to the Seef cine-plex during the weekend with my wife and son to watch a movie, and to forget the miseries of life.

We were going to watch ‘HOG WILD’.

Personally, I enjoy watching movies cause for a moment, if a movie good enough, you may actually feel you are somewhere else, in a different world, someone special with powers, abilities and maybe lots of money, just for that split second, then reality sets in, SMACK, you come down to earth.

Do you know what I mean? Maybe it’s only me.

Anyway, we sat in our seats; I was eager for the movie to start; my wife just wanted to laugh and my son was pissed off that I did not take him to see another movie.

The introductions go by with no events, the movie begins, and within the first 30 seconds we get the first comic relief.

I continue to enjoy the, OH sorry, WE continue to enjoy the movie until suddenly, a stench overcomes my exuberance, like being hit in the face with a ‘Bag full of Shit’ or ‘taking a whiff of someone’s behind’ (something that i have never done and don't intend to do, so don't get any ideas); Yah, Not a pretty sight, HUH!

I turn around and look at my son, just in case he had let one go, he looks back at me in agony, holding his nose, my wife has also covered her nose and mouth.

The smell could have come from the guys sitting next to me, or the people sitting behind or in front of us.

WHO the hell do I shout at? WELL, no one!

In the end, we watched a movie that was quite funny though it had a weak story line, and got bombarded with farts, at least two times that we were aware of.

We were glad when we left the cinema.


I on the other hand, will choose my seats wisely next time.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Keeping abreast on the Al-Azhar "Fatwa?"..How is it going to affect us at the office?

The recent comment made by an individual at the 'Fatwa' Department at the 'Islamic University' in Egypt has sparked a lot of controversy.

To read about the incident refer to the Blog father's site for his blog "Gimie Boob" on the matter and the comment treads that ensued. Another site to visit is 'Improvisations: Arab Woman Progressive Voice ' under the article titled "A Modest Fatwa to Solve the Problem of All Fatwas "; and 'Al Arabiya' News article under 'توثيق الإرضاع هو الحل '.

What i want to comment on is how this incident is going to affect our daily dealings with female colleagues.

Well, when the shit hit the fan, i noticed that some of the women at the office were not taking it seriously; they were joking about it themselves, that was a good sign.

There were others that did not see the funny side of the misconstrued comments made by an idiot.

Me? Lets see, I did not appreciate hearing that another moronic Fatwa had been issued by an unqualified individual, or a person hoping to feed his own needs; but the fact of the matter is that it may not have been an issued Fatwa, it might have been just a comment. I Don't know.

BUT, the world is laughing at our expense, Muslims are at the receiving end of a sick joke that originated from us, and is being spread around all of the western world. There are probably going to be thousands, if not millions of comments and jokes by westerners on the subject matter without them actually getting the facts straight.

I can't blame them casue we sure haven't taken the time either.

So, i will attempt to answer the question 'How is it going to affect my dealings with female colleagues?' with all honesty.

Some of my colleagues may not look directly at me when we talk so our eyes do not meet; others will probably not even think twice about it; yet others will continue to joke about it; some may even join in the joke-a-ton being conducted by the guys, yet others may choose to say nothing.

ME, i made my feelings known in the comments tread at the ‘Blog fathers’ site, and my one joke in the title of this blog, so I will not be mentioning this circus show again.

It will blow over, but there have to be some change made.....

Thursday, May 17, 2007

When the wolf cries 'WOLF'!

The Jewish lobbies in the US and around the world has a practical way of deterring opposition, by crying out 'Anti-semetism' and branding any critic as an 'anti-semetic' they immediately get full immunity and unquestioned support by all. This is of course because they, the people in general and high positioned government officials, fear being branded as well.

Well, our government and its henchmen have learnt to do the same. Anyone who cries out foul play immediately gets branded a 'traitor', a person who is against the government or 'someone who is trying to incite hatred and Secretarianism'.

These have been rumours of financial irregularity on some government projects and within Governments institutions, illegal land grapping and distribution and so on and so on, but never a clarification from the government, only the familiar cry of 'WOLF'.

This bigotry must end. The wrong doings or 'MISTAKES' by the government should be exposed by none other them government officials and representatives. There should be a clean slate on which we may build a better future for everyone living in our country.

We need to go forward but the only way to do so is by first going back to what happened in our 'black' past and enforce an all out closure, not a blinding cover-up.

There should be a transparency by the government on the reasons for 'foreigners' being nationalized for political purposed. Not all these rumours are false. If the government claims they are then, this issue can be set to rest by having ALL the Passport directorate records for the past 10 to 15 years open for public scrutiny.

I won't be holding my breath cause It ain't gona happen.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mr. MP, Pika-Boo - I see you.

The MPs have been in office for some time now and our ‘combined’ parliament has achieving nothing significant. There have been many short sighted proposals and other absurd ones. A major achievement, for their benefit, has been a successfully increase their own salaries. This is probably the only thing that all the MPs unanimously agree on.

Saying this, I understand our Parliament is still young and will need time to achieve productive change that may resemble anything close to what other country’s parliaments have achieved; but they must at least learn from the mistakes of their predecessors; sadly this is not the case.

They seem to be having too much freedom at our expense. The only reason they were elected to this prominent position, BY US, was to enforce productive and necessary change both in the LAW and the Standard of living, for the greater good of the citizens of the K.O.Bahrain.

Alas, there too they have fallen significantly short.

The only way to ensure that these changes, i.e. our interests and rights, are being protected must be for us to literally keep an eye on them.

An article in today’s (16th May 2007) Bahrain Tribune titled ‘Be in your Seats, MPs told’, just confirms the fact that since the MPs feel no one is watching them, they can get away with anything.

I propose that the Government install cameras in the Parliament and commission a dedicated local terrestrial channel to broadcasts all the Parliament sessions. It would be very interesting to listen in all the conversations and watch their reactions.

We would also be able to differentiate between the bench warmers, the activists, the fanatics, the puppets and the truly honorary MPs.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Brain dead! At such an early age?

Today (8th May 2007) we completed work on time, for once, there was no last minute this or that, so most of the staff left by 3:30, I stayed until 4:00 just to finish up.

I did a last pilgrimage to the toilet and I was set to go home. I headed into our work ‘car park building’ and went up to the fifth floor to get in to my car and drive home. Low and behold, I had forgotten that I had come in early today and had parked on the third floor.

Pissed off, I walked down two flights of stairs down to the third floor, got into my car and drove home wards. While driving I remembered a somewhat similar incident that happened to me a very long time back.

I started working in 1994 when I was 19 years old, and after a year, at the beginning of 2005, I was able to get a loan to buy a car. Before then I used to walk to work daily, I lived in Manama (close to the police forth - now ‘Ministry of Interior’, in the ‘Mushber area’ and walked daily through the Manama souq to get to the ‘Shekha Hessa Building’ next to the NBB tower.

Anyway; with the car I could now drive to work.

The very first day, I went to work, as with most of the other staff, I had to park on car on the ‘cournash’; the sea front where the ‘Bahrain Financial Harbour’ now resides.

At 7:30 pm, after a very long day’s work, I was glad to run out of the office and stretch my legs. I walked towards the souq as I always did, passed by the ‘Bab ul Bahrain’, then the ‘Aloo Basheer’ shop, next I walked past the ‘Jafaar hamburger’ shop and finally reached home, in the ‘mushber’ area.

I went home, changed, relaxed and watched TV. By 11:pm, as I was about to get ready to go to bed, this unfamiliour feeling came over me of ‘me forgetting to do something or misplacing something’.

And WHAM, it occurred to me that I was now a car owner,

“SHIT”, I had come home walking and had forgotten my car which was still parked at the ‘cournash’.

The next morning I walked to work but never mentioned what happened to anyone, UNTIL now.

Spacing out.

I have a problem; whenever I converse with a talkative person, I space out. Not intentionally, but if the conversation becomes a story telling fiesta or covers a topic that I have absolutely no interest in, then, ZAP, I’m in another world.

It’s cool though, you can see the person and their lips moving but you can’t hear a word, your toughs are free to roam; its something like an ‘out of body’ experience. What a rush……

The thing I like about how I handle myself in these circumstances is that when ever the space thingee does not work, Nooo Problem, I just make believe that I’m in the process of doing something urgent, which is a little distance away from the person, and all the while I still continue and pretend to be interested and listening by saying things like;



“Oh really”

Or the one I use the least, which is pop a question that takes the conversation into another direction; all this from a safe distance away now, the distance eventually kills off the conversation.

As you grow older, one tends to hate talking about inconsequential and irrelevant topics. Well, I fall under that category of people, there are people I know that don’t and just love to babble, on and on and on…. You get the picture.

Fallen Angels.

Two angels lost their wings on Saturday 5th May 2007.
It saddens me when children are the victims of tragic accidents.

My heart goes out to the parents of Juval (was 13 years old) & Joel Saji (was 3 years old), whom both survived a (suspected) food poisoning incident which took the lives of their young ones.

No parent should ever out live their children.

I hope with faith and prayer both parents come to grips with the heartbreaking accident and move on with their lives.

“Ina lillah wa ina elahee rajoon’”
“We originate from god and eventually return back to him”

Monday, May 07, 2007

I NEXT you, so get back on the bus Byatch!

There’s this really enjoyable American reality TV dating show called NEXT that is shown on the French channel ‘Europe 2 TV’; it’s entertaining.

The plot always starts with a contestant; any one of either, a straight guy or girl, a homosexuals or a lesbian, waiting outside a large black bus. There are five possible mates in the bus, each come out, one at a time, and for each minute that they survive with the contestant they earn a dollar. If the contestant does not like the possible mate, at any point of time, by calling out ‘NEXT’, the poor rejected mate has to collect the dollars earned and get back into the bus. It is then the next possible mate’s turn to walk out of the bus and take their chance at the firing squad. If the contestants like the potential mate, they may offer them an option to either take the accumulated 'pot' or take them out on a date. (added recently)

One of the funniest moments for me has been when a gay guy rejected all five of the possible mates, the way they reacted and pussy footed about, its just hilarious.

I was going to attempted to be funny with my wife so after we watched a couple of episodes, I turned to her to said, “NEXT”, she turned around, grinned and looked at me with that look that says, You even think about it and I’m gona smacked you right over the kisser. I shut the hell up and smile and asked her is she enjoyed it.

SO to relieve the stress that has been piling in the inner me, this goes out to all of you with the utmost respect;


But really, it’s amazing the kind of RTV shows that Americans devise to get their kicks, some of them are sexually explicit and funky like E’s ‘Girls of the Playboy Mansion’ (sometimes funny and never sour on the eyes); others are adventures, dangerous and show the true colours of people, like Survivor (my favourite); and some just dumb like ‘The Simple Life’ with Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie.

Other cool mentionables are;
The biGGest looser, Joe Millionare, Hells Kitchen.


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Our Traffic Directorate & The Four Stages of Acceptance

Our Traffic Directorate & the Five Stages of Acceptance

I FINALLY went to the Traffic Directorate (TD) to renew my car registration yesterday (02 May 2007).

It took me 5 ½ hours to complete.

THE FIVE (actually FOUR, you'll understand why as you read) STAGES of Acceptance

Car examination - (Denial)
I reached the TD at around 1:30 pm and took my place in one of the queue lined up for the ‘Car Examinations’.
At around the 50 minute mark, there were only three cars before me and loads more behind at the back and to my side. With one car to go before it was my turn came, a traffic officer approached me, he asked for my ‘Car Registration’ and indicated to me to drive out of the queue and park to one side.
It took him only 20 seconds to complete the examination of my car; he sent me to the cashier (located in the ‘old building’ to request a new number plate as the old had turned white).

DENIAL - I couldn’t believe it only took 20 seconds; my thought were that there’s definitely something wrong and it’s probably going to come back and hit me in the face later on.

Requesting a new ‘Number Plate’ & The Cashier - (Anger)
I walked into the ‘old building’ and headed into the entrance of the ‘Car Registration’ section, there I approached a crowded counter. I pushed my way in between a couple of guys already standing there and shoved the papers (I had) in the receptionist’s face, asking him where I had to go.

He pointed me to Counter 7.

I went to Counter 7 and told the guy that I need a new number plate; He asked me THE QUESTION, I was screwed.

“Big or SMALL Number Plated?”

“Damn”, I could not remember, So, I ran out of the building, to my car, look at the front to make sure, then ran back into the building to counter 7 and said “BIG please”.

He processed my application and told me to go to the CASHIER.

ANGER –Me and six other people stood at the empty cashiers counter for 15 minutes. I spent this time looking around at the TD employees; typical of a government institution, of the many counters, only 6 - 7 were open and of these only 2 were dealing with customers; the others were manned by mannequins so I thought until one moved to pick up his coffee and take a sip.
IT pisses me off that the ‘$%# of a %!&#*’ cashier was nowhere to be seen. THERE WAS NO ONE THERE TO SUPERVISE THIS Bull $h!t. ‘If only I could turn into the ‘Incredible Hulk’ and SMASK everything in sight.

Alas, 20 minutes into the wait, we were directed to another counter. The cattle around me stampeded OVER leaving me standing in their dust, from being first I was now last, ‘M@&%#@ F$%#%^&’.

When my turn came it took the guy 45 seconds to process the cash and give me the receipt.

The stamps of acceptance;
I finished and ran back out to the same ‘traffic officer’ to get his stamp of approval. He stamped my papers and sent me to his colleague who did the same. I was then directed towards the ‘Traffic Citation’ office.

The ‘Traffic Citation’ (background) check - (Bargaining & Depression)
The office was in the next hanger. I walked over and entered; inside there were six tables each placed side by side to make a long counter. There were two employees sitting at the make shift counter, checking for past citations, collecting outstanding fines and stamping documents when your records was clear or Settled.

BARGAINING – I do not bargain, well I may…No, No, No!. I do not Bargain. (so this one is not counted)

I had to wait 15 minutes, in one of the two ‘snake shaped’ lines; and there were around 10 people in front of me. The ‘checkers’ were taking their time.

DEPRESSION - When my turn came up, I handed over my papers; the guy checked the system by banging on the keyboard, picked up his stamp and gave me the ‘A.OK’. 15 seconds, can you believe it, only 15 seconds ……….
I could see the black clouds hanging over my head; Huh, I walked out of the office sulking.

It was now time for the finally, I need to find a ‘Post office’.

Registration at the Post Office - (Acceptance)
I went to my good old ‘Post Office’ at the Bahrain Mall. There, again I waited 10 to 15 minutes; looking around, wasting time, thinking what I would have been doing that moment had I not had to renew my ‘car registration’.

Can you believe it, this guy just walks by me and three others standing in the queue at the post office, he handed over his envelope to the employee and ‘POW’, he completed his transaction while we were stood there in disbelief.

– Which every way I turn, fate apparently has it out for me; So I take it up the ‘wazoo’ and move on with a smile on my face.

In conclusion
What could have taken maybe 5 minutes tops, took around 5 ½ hours; Including the drive to and from the TD as well as to the Post office and home.

Oh yah! If you did not get it yet, our Traffic Directorate needs an overhaul, no punt intended(ignore the 'T' as my spelling has been corrected by a lazy smart ass, just joking dude ; THANKS).

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Inspired by 'MR BEANS'

A couple of days back, my wife and I went to see the latest Rowan Atkinson movie titled 'Mr. Bean's Holiday '.

It was hilarious. (I especially liked the scene in the market where he lip synced to an Opera song, Niceeeeee & very funny).

I enjoyed watching him prance all over France, getting into trouble in his own stupid way.

I also like the fact that he had a small CamCorder which he used to record all the events that occurred to him. He held it in his hand, put it in his pocket and even placed in on the table while having his lunch, French style.

To get to the point; my wife has been nagging me for a long time to get a smaller CamCorder than the one we have. The one I have is almost 9 years old; it’s bulky and not very user friendly in today’s terms. Also, now a days it’s all about ‘digital’ and ‘DVDs’.

So by watching the movie and seeing how comfortably MR BEANS (as a colleague of mine calls him) held the CamCorder in his palm and put in his pocket as well, with little effort, I have now decided to start window shopping for one to appease my wife.

Now come the hard part, the specs, colour; does it take still pictures?

Hummmmm, how do I pay for it?
I know, subsidise!
Anyone want to buy a second hand Sony TRV45 for BD50 (USD 135).

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I think in 'BLOG'

You know how in cartoons & comic books the conversations are in bubbles hanging over the characters heads; well, that’s how it has become for me since my very first blog which started at the beginning of this month (april 2007).

Its weird; any incident or the day to day events of life can trigger my mind to drift off and then, ‘POP’ appears the bubble with hundreds of thousands of ideas for my next blog subject.
The problem is that all my thoughts (the actual words I want to write) and the structure start to ooze out of my mind and spill out.

I now have a problem scooping all those thoughts back up to reconstruct the bolg on paper, or in this case, soft format.
Well, on to my next venture.....