Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pulp fiction on Dubai ONE TV, are you kidding meeeeeeeeeeee!

It took me quite a long time to recover from laughter when I saw the advertisement on Dubai’s One T.V.; they were going to screen Pulp Fiction, Hahahahahaaahah.

If you’re a movie buffs or aficionados and still lurking out there, who’s watched and enjoyed Pulp Fiction, you will know that without the explicit and implied sexual scenes, the movie is utterly worthless.

And yet, Dubai’s ONE TV had put it upon them selves to screen the movie.

They did last week, and I didn’t watch.

Why should I, it was going to suck.

It would’ve been like trying to gnaw at a big juicy piece of steak, but just the bones NO MEAT AT ALL.

Anyways, I was watching DUBAI 1 TV today and one of (the many) spike lee movies about basketball was on; in one scene a guy & a girl are in a room; the guy tells the girl that they should play a game of One on One STRIP basketball, my ass, in six seconds flat, and the guy having scored on the girl, rather than seek her take something off, the scene changed.


Figures, anyways, the movie really sucked and I wasn’t interested in watching the girl strip, I’m just trying to make a point here.

Dubai One TV should in future just stick to what they are able to show, nothing else.


Oh yah, does any one out there remember Saudi Arabia’s Aramco Channel 3?

Yes, they too censored a lot of stuff, but I just loved getting up early in the morning and watching cartoons and stuff from 9am till 12 noon and then 1pm onwards….

I especially loved the NBA and American football game that they put on. I remember like it was yesterday, I’d be coming back from school in our bus, and as soon at we reached my bus stop, I’d jolt out and sprint all the way home just to reach in the nick of time and watch what every time remained of the game.

Aah, those were the good old day.

Sorry, I got off tract there for a bit.

The fact still remains that Dubai’s One TV sucks and should stick to what they are good at and nothing more.

The question to as would then be, Why was I watching the channel if I don’t like it so much?

The WIFE!!!!!