Sunday, May 20, 2007

Keeping abreast on the Al-Azhar "Fatwa?"..How is it going to affect us at the office?

The recent comment made by an individual at the 'Fatwa' Department at the 'Islamic University' in Egypt has sparked a lot of controversy.

To read about the incident refer to the Blog father's site for his blog "Gimie Boob" on the matter and the comment treads that ensued. Another site to visit is 'Improvisations: Arab Woman Progressive Voice ' under the article titled "A Modest Fatwa to Solve the Problem of All Fatwas "; and 'Al Arabiya' News article under 'توثيق الإرضاع هو الحل '.

What i want to comment on is how this incident is going to affect our daily dealings with female colleagues.

Well, when the shit hit the fan, i noticed that some of the women at the office were not taking it seriously; they were joking about it themselves, that was a good sign.

There were others that did not see the funny side of the misconstrued comments made by an idiot.

Me? Lets see, I did not appreciate hearing that another moronic Fatwa had been issued by an unqualified individual, or a person hoping to feed his own needs; but the fact of the matter is that it may not have been an issued Fatwa, it might have been just a comment. I Don't know.

BUT, the world is laughing at our expense, Muslims are at the receiving end of a sick joke that originated from us, and is being spread around all of the western world. There are probably going to be thousands, if not millions of comments and jokes by westerners on the subject matter without them actually getting the facts straight.

I can't blame them casue we sure haven't taken the time either.

So, i will attempt to answer the question 'How is it going to affect my dealings with female colleagues?' with all honesty.

Some of my colleagues may not look directly at me when we talk so our eyes do not meet; others will probably not even think twice about it; yet others will continue to joke about it; some may even join in the joke-a-ton being conducted by the guys, yet others may choose to say nothing.

ME, i made my feelings known in the comments tread at the ‘Blog fathers’ site, and my one joke in the title of this blog, so I will not be mentioning this circus show again.

It will blow over, but there have to be some change made.....