Monday, May 07, 2007

I NEXT you, so get back on the bus Byatch!

There’s this really enjoyable American reality TV dating show called NEXT that is shown on the French channel ‘Europe 2 TV’; it’s entertaining.

The plot always starts with a contestant; any one of either, a straight guy or girl, a homosexuals or a lesbian, waiting outside a large black bus. There are five possible mates in the bus, each come out, one at a time, and for each minute that they survive with the contestant they earn a dollar. If the contestant does not like the possible mate, at any point of time, by calling out ‘NEXT’, the poor rejected mate has to collect the dollars earned and get back into the bus. It is then the next possible mate’s turn to walk out of the bus and take their chance at the firing squad. If the contestants like the potential mate, they may offer them an option to either take the accumulated 'pot' or take them out on a date. (added recently)

One of the funniest moments for me has been when a gay guy rejected all five of the possible mates, the way they reacted and pussy footed about, its just hilarious.

I was going to attempted to be funny with my wife so after we watched a couple of episodes, I turned to her to said, “NEXT”, she turned around, grinned and looked at me with that look that says, You even think about it and I’m gona smacked you right over the kisser. I shut the hell up and smile and asked her is she enjoyed it.

SO to relieve the stress that has been piling in the inner me, this goes out to all of you with the utmost respect;


But really, it’s amazing the kind of RTV shows that Americans devise to get their kicks, some of them are sexually explicit and funky like E’s ‘Girls of the Playboy Mansion’ (sometimes funny and never sour on the eyes); others are adventures, dangerous and show the true colours of people, like Survivor (my favourite); and some just dumb like ‘The Simple Life’ with Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie.

Other cool mentionables are;
The biGGest looser, Joe Millionare, Hells Kitchen.