Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Spacing out.

I have a problem; whenever I converse with a talkative person, I space out. Not intentionally, but if the conversation becomes a story telling fiesta or covers a topic that I have absolutely no interest in, then, ZAP, I’m in another world.

It’s cool though, you can see the person and their lips moving but you can’t hear a word, your toughs are free to roam; its something like an ‘out of body’ experience. What a rush……

The thing I like about how I handle myself in these circumstances is that when ever the space thingee does not work, Nooo Problem, I just make believe that I’m in the process of doing something urgent, which is a little distance away from the person, and all the while I still continue and pretend to be interested and listening by saying things like;



“Oh really”

Or the one I use the least, which is pop a question that takes the conversation into another direction; all this from a safe distance away now, the distance eventually kills off the conversation.

As you grow older, one tends to hate talking about inconsequential and irrelevant topics. Well, I fall under that category of people, there are people I know that don’t and just love to babble, on and on and on…. You get the picture.