Thursday, May 24, 2007


Dear Oprah,

I was watching TV a few weeks back and your show was on MBC4 (a regional sattelite channel in the middle east); on this specific episode you had a guests on who was encouraging American to learn more about the other 'Great Religions' of the world rather than being ignorant of the fact and listening only to what other people are saying (their opinion and not facts) i.e. the lies being told; you made a ‘Huh’ sound of confusion/disapproval when he mentioned ISLAM.

For someone who claims to be very open minded, peace loving and a defender of the human right, your reaction was quite the opposite and imitated that of a an ignorant person; the same people your guest was talking about.

American's have an arrogance that prevents them from looking at the whole picture when it comes to ‘why’ others feel negatively towards them, and the news channels don't help either by filtering all the actual news and leaving only the bits that suits their purpose and befits the lobbyists.

Every religion has its fanatics who quote scriptures to justify their actions; these must be taken with a grain of salt until you have a better and complete understanding of what the scriptures and holy books actually say & mean; you have not done so yet your actions suggest that your mind has already been made, and that is a big character flaw.

Also, I have recently read that you will be visiting Israel on a humanitarian gesture; I hope you have the guts to take a gander at the other side of the fence rather that restrict yourself to what the Israel’s PRs will be limiting you to, but I doubt that will ever happen. Americans have become fearful of speaking out against the Israel’s occupation of Palestine for fear of being branded an ‘Anti-Semitic’; you are no different. You and other Americans are spoon fed every thing that Israel’s armed forces give news agencies to be broadcast on the US airwaves /satellite channels, and you accept it without question.

Israel is going to be using your visit as a means of showing the world that you wholeheartedly support their cause and believe their ‘bull shit’ that they are only defending themselves with their pre-emptive attacks. THAY ARE THE VISTIMS HERE.

Your support and therefore that of millions of Americans’ who worship you, will be used to further justifying their continuing ‘illegal’ occupation of Palestinian lands and gradual annexation, until all traces of the existence of a Palestinian state is erased from the world and history books.

You will not see, and most probably have no interest in seeing, the atrocities being committed against poor Palestinian civilians, the crimes against humanity, the illegal eviction of people from their home, the demolition of homes while families are sleeping in them, and let’s not forget the genocide that is condoned and encouraged by your government.

It still amazes me that even after 40 years of occupying another state; Israelis are perceived as the victims.

Here’s an article by Stephen Lendman on his blog titled ‘Forty Years of Occupation’ depicting the history of the Occupation for you to read and laugh at on your trip to Israel:

I also suggest you try and converse with prominent Rabbis, who have a very interesting theory on Zionism and a clear and precise definition of a ‘Jew’ verses a ‘Zionist’.

An interesting site is:

A clip from YouTube;

This subject will probably not interest you much as the green back that you have collected over the years may dwindle if you even hint that what Israel is doing MAY ACTUALLY BE ILLEGAL & / or if you accept the fact that YOUR GOVERNMENT TURNS A BLIND EYE to the atrocities being committed by Israel against Palestinians; I guess you would agree that THERE IS DEFINITELY NO DOUBLE STANDARDS BEING EXERCISED BY THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT when it continues to veto the vote to ‘condemn Israel’ by the United Nations for YET ANOTHER INCURSION BY ISRAEL’S FORCES ONTO ITS NEIGHBOURS LANDS.

You know best, well at least that what the people around you say to you.

I suggest you extent your vision beyond the clouds around you and open your ears and listen to the other side of the conflict.

I hope you sleep well at night.