Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Brain dead! At such an early age?

Today (8th May 2007) we completed work on time, for once, there was no last minute this or that, so most of the staff left by 3:30, I stayed until 4:00 just to finish up.

I did a last pilgrimage to the toilet and I was set to go home. I headed into our work ‘car park building’ and went up to the fifth floor to get in to my car and drive home. Low and behold, I had forgotten that I had come in early today and had parked on the third floor.

Pissed off, I walked down two flights of stairs down to the third floor, got into my car and drove home wards. While driving I remembered a somewhat similar incident that happened to me a very long time back.

I started working in 1994 when I was 19 years old, and after a year, at the beginning of 2005, I was able to get a loan to buy a car. Before then I used to walk to work daily, I lived in Manama (close to the police forth - now ‘Ministry of Interior’, in the ‘Mushber area’ and walked daily through the Manama souq to get to the ‘Shekha Hessa Building’ next to the NBB tower.

Anyway; with the car I could now drive to work.

The very first day, I went to work, as with most of the other staff, I had to park on car on the ‘cournash’; the sea front where the ‘Bahrain Financial Harbour’ now resides.

At 7:30 pm, after a very long day’s work, I was glad to run out of the office and stretch my legs. I walked towards the souq as I always did, passed by the ‘Bab ul Bahrain’, then the ‘Aloo Basheer’ shop, next I walked past the ‘Jafaar hamburger’ shop and finally reached home, in the ‘mushber’ area.

I went home, changed, relaxed and watched TV. By 11:pm, as I was about to get ready to go to bed, this unfamiliour feeling came over me of ‘me forgetting to do something or misplacing something’.

And WHAM, it occurred to me that I was now a car owner,

“SHIT”, I had come home walking and had forgotten my car which was still parked at the ‘cournash’.

The next morning I walked to work but never mentioned what happened to anyone, UNTIL now.