Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Losing you child over a 'Special Offer' at GEANT, IS it worth the discount?

A few weeks back, during last months GEANT hypermarket’s special offer week, my wife and I were walking through the isles looking around I the canned food isles.

We walk by this little girl who was desperately looking around trying to find her mother, she looked upset and was very bravely holding back her tears; we stood like mannequins in our spot, motion less holding a can of some thing or the other in our hands, our eyes firmly fixated on her, observing, just to make sure she was ok and until she found her mother.

She eventually did; relieved that she was safe we turn around and continue looking at the remaining un-chartered isles behind us, just then I hear over the loud speakers a GEANT employee announcing that yet another child was lost and looking for his parents.

F’ing parents should be taken out and shot.

Them, with their googly wide eyes, those discounts are sure worth loosing your child over.

Heck, GEANT might just have a special offer on kids tomorrow, so we might as well get two for the price of one.

There should be a child welfare representative on duty at the GEANT hyper market and any other locations where children are frequently being misplaced; alternatively the parents should be reported to the authorities and who in turn put a hefty fine on them.

Maybe if it’s not in their interest to look the other way when shopping rather keeping one eye on their child and the other on the product they intend to purchase, maybe then, they might think twice and be more careful and take care of what is most important.

I’d still shoot them but I know it’s not up to me.

Oh hey, the GEANT special offers are on again, and yes I was there today, and YES I heard yet another announcement of a lost child.

What, you want the gun now?