Tuesday, May 29, 2007

SUMMERs HERE, and the Ministry of E&W are at it again!

Today (28th May 2007) was a blistering hot summer’s day. IT’S THE BEGINNING.

Yes, this is the real summer and it’s going to get even worse. The SUN is damn hot and with the humidity that will be upon us, we are once again at the mercy of the Ministry of E&W.

A few days back, the Prime Minister reiterated that the government will be working extra hard to ensure that the increased demand in the power supply is catered for so as not to disrupt the lives of Bahrain’s residents.

I don’t believe the Ministry of E&W got the memo, in fact, I believe they are still following the old procedure of shutting the electricity off or / & turning off the water supply when people need it the most.

To my knowledge, TODAY, the power supply got cut-off in certain areas of Jed Ali at least once; and no fewer than three times in Manama.

So, prepare to get into your residential saunas and sweat it out.

This is just the beginning….

Want some lemonade?

I deliver for an extra fee!

But you might have to wait until after the power turns back on; it seams that in my haste to take advantage of this opportunity and make millions, and because it’s bitch dark now, I have mistaken the salt for sugar, there was no ice left in the fridge (it melted away) so I used frozen chicken nuggets and I can’t tell if the spoon I used was clean or not.

Other than that, I am now open for (delivery) business…….