Thursday, May 03, 2007

Inspired by 'MR BEANS'

A couple of days back, my wife and I went to see the latest Rowan Atkinson movie titled 'Mr. Bean's Holiday '.

It was hilarious. (I especially liked the scene in the market where he lip synced to an Opera song, Niceeeeee & very funny).

I enjoyed watching him prance all over France, getting into trouble in his own stupid way.

I also like the fact that he had a small CamCorder which he used to record all the events that occurred to him. He held it in his hand, put it in his pocket and even placed in on the table while having his lunch, French style.

To get to the point; my wife has been nagging me for a long time to get a smaller CamCorder than the one we have. The one I have is almost 9 years old; it’s bulky and not very user friendly in today’s terms. Also, now a days it’s all about ‘digital’ and ‘DVDs’.

So by watching the movie and seeing how comfortably MR BEANS (as a colleague of mine calls him) held the CamCorder in his palm and put in his pocket as well, with little effort, I have now decided to start window shopping for one to appease my wife.

Now come the hard part, the specs, colour; does it take still pictures?

Hummmmm, how do I pay for it?
I know, subsidise!
Anyone want to buy a second hand Sony TRV45 for BD50 (USD 135).