Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I hate awkward moments!

I hate awkward moments, and yesterday I had my lion’s share.

I was returning back from my customary pilgrimage to the toilet, a visit that I must perform at the end of each business day before leaving the office, else the flood waters burst half way home while I’m still in the car, also I’ve heard that it’s not good for the prostrates if you hold it in, anyway….

As I was heading back to my desk, a fellow colleague whom I have never conversed with walked along side me, heading towards the elevators which are located at our end of the building.

We both looked up and saw the silhouette of a guy walking on the upper levels, walking towards the elevators. The guy turns around and sees us, he’s about a hundred and fifty feet away, I think.


Any way, he sees us and waves, I squint but can’t make out who it is, so I don’t wave and lower my head just to make the guy believe that I hadn’t noticed him, also thinking that my fellow colleague was the subject of his farewell.

I turn around to my colleague and he has a blank look on his face; DAMN, he didn’t know who it was either.

Feeling sorry for the guy, I look back up at him, he waves at us again as he gets into the elevator, so I wave back.

I turn to my colleague;

Colleague: “Did you know him”

ME: “NO”

The blank face returns back onto his face again,

Colleague: “Huh”

Me: “Yah”.

And another awkward moment ensues….

This would probably be the moment where you’d hear crickets in the back ground had we been in a movie.

We each go our own way………THANK GOD