Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mr. MP, Pika-Boo - I see you.

The MPs have been in office for some time now and our ‘combined’ parliament has achieving nothing significant. There have been many short sighted proposals and other absurd ones. A major achievement, for their benefit, has been a successfully increase their own salaries. This is probably the only thing that all the MPs unanimously agree on.

Saying this, I understand our Parliament is still young and will need time to achieve productive change that may resemble anything close to what other country’s parliaments have achieved; but they must at least learn from the mistakes of their predecessors; sadly this is not the case.

They seem to be having too much freedom at our expense. The only reason they were elected to this prominent position, BY US, was to enforce productive and necessary change both in the LAW and the Standard of living, for the greater good of the citizens of the K.O.Bahrain.

Alas, there too they have fallen significantly short.

The only way to ensure that these changes, i.e. our interests and rights, are being protected must be for us to literally keep an eye on them.

An article in today’s (16th May 2007) Bahrain Tribune titled ‘Be in your Seats, MPs told’, just confirms the fact that since the MPs feel no one is watching them, they can get away with anything.

I propose that the Government install cameras in the Parliament and commission a dedicated local terrestrial channel to broadcasts all the Parliament sessions. It would be very interesting to listen in all the conversations and watch their reactions.

We would also be able to differentiate between the bench warmers, the activists, the fanatics, the puppets and the truly honorary MPs.