Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Traffic Directorate, sucking milk directly from the Cash Cow's udder!

Have you ever wondered why, even after numerous declarations by the Traffic Directorate emphasizing Bahrain’s citizens to adhere to the Traffic Laws, or face stiff fines and / or time behind bars, there is no actual nation wide enforcement of some laws except during the last ten days of every month.

Have you notices that?


Why do you think that is?

The offences that I am referring to are;
a) Not wearing your seat belts
b) Talking of a cell phone while driving

The new cell phone law just made some people very rich by selling lots of Bluetooth ear phones, but you can still hundreds of people continuing to speak on their mobiles while driving.

Why is that?

These are ‘cash cows’, and they have been milking them for such a loooooooong time, its pure profit being harvested at their discretion; income generated through non-application of existing Traffic laws which generate lots of income for the Traffic Directorate.

I have a theory that goes something like this; If the Traffic directorate come down hard on all offenders, and really implement a nation wide ban of the above two offences by making examples of perpetrators, then, the money will immediately stop flowing.

So the cows are a allowed to graze and every so often, they are herded back into the barn, plugged into the suction gizmos and the white gold just flows, milked till they quench their thirst, always leaving more for later.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many laws that the Traffic police won’t stand for and will stop offenders and issue citations, but they are not willing to let the udders dry out and continue suckling on them each time the thirst resurfaces.

Would you like a glass and some biscuits?

What do you think, have I lost it or is there really some truth to what I am saying?

You be the judge.