Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kenya ran against Kenya, & Kenya won.

Hah haaaaaa,

Quote from yesterday's Tribune (21 May 2007)

Bahrain won another gold medal on the third day of the 15th Arab Athletics Championships held in Amman yesterday.Middle East distant runner Tareq Mubarak won the gold medal for the men’s 3000m steeplechase. Tareq has been competing in international athletics tournament and had recently won gold in the Asian games after edging on another Kenyan-born runner Gamel Belal Salem of Qatar to win on the same event for the first day of track and field competition.

IT seems like our import was better than Qatar’s.

I'd rather have a Bahraini attempt to compete in one of these events and fail rather than be represented by a 'naturalized' import. Does this mean that Bahrainis’ are not good enough? If you think so, then just look at 'Ruqaya Al Ghasra'.

This doesn’t improve the prospects of aspiring young Bahrainis’ who dream of competing in sports and other such events in the future. Since there is no support from the government, in future, Bahrain's government will again have to import athletes.

If other GCC states do it, it does not make it right, nor should we follow suit.

My Slogan: SUPPORT, not IMPORT!