Thursday, May 17, 2007

When the wolf cries 'WOLF'!

The Jewish lobbies in the US and around the world has a practical way of deterring opposition, by crying out 'Anti-semetism' and branding any critic as an 'anti-semetic' they immediately get full immunity and unquestioned support by all. This is of course because they, the people in general and high positioned government officials, fear being branded as well.

Well, our government and its henchmen have learnt to do the same. Anyone who cries out foul play immediately gets branded a 'traitor', a person who is against the government or 'someone who is trying to incite hatred and Secretarianism'.

These have been rumours of financial irregularity on some government projects and within Governments institutions, illegal land grapping and distribution and so on and so on, but never a clarification from the government, only the familiar cry of 'WOLF'.

This bigotry must end. The wrong doings or 'MISTAKES' by the government should be exposed by none other them government officials and representatives. There should be a clean slate on which we may build a better future for everyone living in our country.

We need to go forward but the only way to do so is by first going back to what happened in our 'black' past and enforce an all out closure, not a blinding cover-up.

There should be a transparency by the government on the reasons for 'foreigners' being nationalized for political purposed. Not all these rumours are false. If the government claims they are then, this issue can be set to rest by having ALL the Passport directorate records for the past 10 to 15 years open for public scrutiny.

I won't be holding my breath cause It ain't gona happen.