Thursday, January 31, 2008

CX movie review - RAMBO 4

I did not have a good selection of movies to choose from so i settled for RAMBO 4.

Walking into the movie theater, i was unsure of what to expect; I had grown up with the original movies and loved them all, even with his messed up accent & lame acting.

The hype going around is that Silvester Stalone is old; he can't act and would probably be holding a walking stick throughout the movie .

The Plot
From the start, i was immediately shocked by the scenes of murder, genocide, torture, mutilation, rape and plunder that befell the Burmese people.

A group of missionaries hire RAMBO to take them to the outskirts of Burma where the villagers requireing aid, are deprived from basic necessities of life, living in fear of the Burmese military leadership and are prevented from worshiping their prefered religion.

The initial drop off goes well, with a little hick up that RAMBO takes care of in seconds.

The real story starts when the missionaries are captured by the Burmese military and a group of mercenaries + John RAMBO come to their aid.

There is a lot of VIOLENCE.

What I really thought of it:
This movie is absolutely disturbing; but one good it does is bringing the plight of the Burmese people and what they had to live through for the world to see. THE DEPTS OF EVIL WITHIN HUMANITY IS ENDLESS.

The CX Rating
The plot was OK and the acting wasn't bad, but just for bringing up the subject of Genocide and depicting the atrocities i'll give it a 7.

So go and enjoy the movie, learn about the happenings around us, but just make sure you don't have a week stomach, even i had a hard time watching some of the scenes.

Final note, i salute Silver Stalone on a job well done in Directing the M ovie......