Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another Year waisted....another year gained

Another year wasted, another year gained age wise, and nothing to show for it.

Well, not really, Yes i've gotten older, my joints now speak to me more frequently; athletic abilities i once took for granted are now cumbersome, BUT i'd like to think i've also gotten wiser, doe things i'd once throught impossible, met more interesting people and made even more friends; and lets not forget having seen the world, ok not the whole world, but there is still time for that...

I spent the last day of the year at work, so it should not surprise you that i continued to work at home well into the late hours of the night and into the new year thereby ensuring i began the new year the same way i ended the last....

At one point of time in life i was the youngster at work, now i'm one of the more experianced, but not the elderly so that is something good to look forward to.

Life, my friend has its ups and downs, and all we can do is wait it our and try our best to come out unscaved OR we can try and be one of the few who can take the bull by the horns and actually make a difference, who live how we want to and do what we love, LIFE IS GOOD. Think about it, there are things that happen in this world that we have no control over, so why bother yourself, rather, concentrate on the things that are within your control.

I believe i'm in a good place for now, life is hard but it's going in the direction that it should.....

And just for the record 17 seconds into the new year, my new years resolution was over... so now i assign little tasts for myself rather than Gigantic impossibilities.

Of the many small tasks, here are two that are within my grasp;
a) Drive all the way from Bahrain to Oman, in my 2002 Mitsubishi colt...(read about it in my blog soon)

b) Loose as much weigh as possible by my 34th birthday, which is on 23rd February.... (i will write about that on the B day.

Enjoy 2008, and as always i'm late but.............HAPPY NEW YEAR..