Tuesday, April 03, 2007


The global markets have just announced that there is a shortage of 'Traffic Lights' (TL) in the worlds supply due to the high demand from a small island in the oil rich Middle East known as the 'Kingdom of Bahrain' (KOB). Apparently, the 'TLs' are now more in demand than the local currency and is being used as a means of barter/exchange for high quality goods and services.

For god sakes!

Now a days, every which way you turn you are bound to drive on to a road that has a lot of 'TLs' installed on it, distributed every 2/3/4 hundred meters. It’s just mind boggling and it just sucks!

What’s the big idea? Does anyone in the Government ('Big B' - Big Brother) actually consider performing studies to verify the best solutions for solving problems or do they just fake it? Apparently it’s the latter.

The introduction of more 'TLs' to replace redundant 'roundabouts' is not the answer, it just adds to the problem. The fact of the matter is that there are just too many cars driving on Bahrain's roads and the road system have not evolved to cope for the demand nor has 'Big B' learnt from past mistakes, this is apparent in the way the new road systems are being planned. I don’t expect this to change any time soon so the same blueprints will probably be used to plan future road constructions.

The Solution: Well, there never is one specific solution to a problem; the best solutions I believe are always a combination of things (changes / alterations or implementations). Someone out there must have heard of an over head (I think that’s what they’re called). An excellent solution to bottle neck causing TLs as junctions, don’t you think? All our highways must have these built on/into them? (you understand what I mean). Hey, even Saudi Arabia and Qatar have them, I wonder WHY?

(Picasso was on leave so you will have to make due with my artistic impression)

I am certain this would be the solution to at least three bottle neck TLs that lead to heavy traffic pile ups daily;
a) one being the TL at the cross-road junction on the highway that runs from the Mina Salman to the Saudi Causeway at the point where the Map of Bahrain resides (i.e. the Al Khareeta – The Map traffic lights), dividing Manama and Tubli
b) the second is the TL at the cross-road junction that immediately succeeds the ‘Al Khareeta – The Map traffic lights ‘, dividing Manama and The Sitra Causeway,
c) A third, the Bahrain Financial Harbour TL which has caused huge traffic pile ups that reach far back as the Seef High Way (Coubry) and beyond.

You can probably point out hundreds of other TLs that have given you nightmares.

The trick is getting someone at the ‘Big G’ to listed and implement. Hello, anyone out there………