Thursday, April 05, 2007

Employment for Sale

Yesterday (4th April 2007) , an article appeared in the 'Bahrain Tribune' under the heading "Health agreement with Manila today - (Kingdom will hire 1,000 professionals to boost services)" and today (5th April 2007) another article on the same subject has been printed in the GDN titled "MoU boost for nurses".
This is in addition to the 1,000 already being employed. There goes 1,000 good jobs that could have been given to capable Bahrainis’.

Lets get one thing straight, I agree that the health Care employees in the Philippines are better trained, not only because of the up to date education system but for the very fact that their population is around 72 million (1998 figures) and as such each and every Doctor / Nurse continuously get exposed to hundreds of different ailments and diseases leading them to become experts just by the sheer fact of being repeatedly exposed to the many diseases and ailments.

Who is getting the better end of the deal here?
"We are, as an immediate step, looking at sending Bahraini health professionals, particularly nurses, for training to the Philippines," said Dr Hamza.

"In the near future, we would also look at further augmenting the nursing strength in Bahrain by recruiting more professionals from there."

Say what?
If we are going to send our nurses (must be Bahraini of course, of course) to get trained in Philippines, shouldn't we just pay their Government for the educational services and 'on the job training' which they will providing rather than offering them the vacant positions which should go to the Bahrainis' being trained or the new students that graduate each year.

Where are our MPs now?
Is this not an important subject?

I guess not solely based on the bloggs i've read today, polygomy comes to mine.

I wonder if they are distributing queue numbers, huhh!

Ah well, who listens when the winds blow (i don't mean the wind that blows when we eat gaseous food) the leaves off of trees?