Thursday, April 26, 2007

Labourers LAWS should consider more changes.

In the past week, the Government and the filthy rich Businessmen has been at each other on the matter of transporting their labourers in unprotected, open top vans, trucks and Lorries.

Well I would like to point out al least three other points that they should be discussing as well;

a) A dedicate residential area only for the bachelors. They should not be allowed to live in residential areas where families live and children play. There is some discussion but not solid action yet.

b) The transport vehicles dropping the labourers off at the end of the working day should STOP at the bus stops not in the middle of the streets or roads.
Pictured below

c) Businesses should not allow their employees to take the trucks, Lorries, and other heavy load transportations home. This takes up a lot of scarce parking lots in residential areas.

MORE points & pictures TO FOLLOW