Monday, April 09, 2007

Crime against children - Justice the old fashioned way.

This is the one (and only) thing that I side with the Taliban on.

Saudi Arabia & Iran also have the right punishments in mind;


I’m talking about paedophiles, the bastards who Sodomise, rape, molest and sexually abuse children; teenagers or any one else for that matter. There is too much of this shit going on around us and a lot more injustice in the way the penal system reprimands the guilty vermin.

For instance, I want you to turn your attention to the article in (bottom right corner on page 6 of) yesterday’s (April 08, 2007) Al-Ayyam (Arabic) news paper. [The story has now been published in today’s (April 09, 2007) GDN; here is the link -]

The article in question describes an incident where seven (GDN states eight) youths kidnap two young boys (minors) and take them to a stable to sodomise them. One of the boys succeeds in escaping in the commotion and is seen running naked & crying in the streets attempting to reach his home. At home, he tells his family of the attempted violation; the family members immediately rush to the scene of the incident only to find that the stable in question has been vacated. There they are told that the youths have another stable that they frequent and might have gone there. The police are then informed. I do not know what happened next as the article does not state anything else. (The incident described in the article in the GDN is a bit different, but the fact remains the same).

What the Fuck is wrong with these disgusting perverts?
I want justice, No, I demand justice!
This has been going on for far too long. Not a month goes by without us having to read about another repulsive incident that has occurred. We (parents) do not and should not tolerate such behaviour in our society and must be heard.

Unfortunately, our penal system has left a lot to be desired; there is an existing sodomy law in Bahrain but I don’t believe that it is adequate for this day and age, Our residing Judges hand down lenient punishments (I believe its a maximum of five years) to the offenders and request them to pay meagre fees of, Say BD 50 to 200. WHAT THE FUCK!

I have seen many other articles mentioning such incidents that have appeared in the local news papers in the past years, so the above article is just one of many that occurred here in our “Pearl” of the Gulf. I am sure there are many more cases that we are not aware of, these could be because they are not made public to protect the identity of the victims or (mostly) for the fact the victims are so fearful that they do not report the incident.
I for one am sick of the filth that resides here with us. Enough is enough. It is time to make a stand, a time to demand that the Government change the law regarding this ugly behaviour in the filth that is the human psyche and behaviour.

I can only try to imagine what goes through the Childs mind when something like this happens; The scars are left on them for life and for that I demand that the MPs immediately put forth a proposal to change the LAW and make it a “criminal offence punishable by death”, no other punishment will do.
For once our MPs should think about other (the defenceless children) rather than the very important task of getting themselves a pay hike and the other mediocre topics that they discuss. Get your priorities straight, you loyalty should lie with the people not your pockets or what's below your belts.

The government is not doing all that it can, educating the children and public is just the first setp but not enough, the punishment for the crime must be made severe. We need to make examples of the offenders so others conspiring to do so think twice.

Note to those who ask for compassion towards the offenders;
Firstly, FucK you, leave your comments somewhere else, I do not want to hear your bullshit. Secondly, the punishment would justify the crime if you or your children were the victims, you’d think the same.

The filth of humanity that carry out these crimes do not deserve to live on the Planet we live on nor breathe the same air.