Monday, April 23, 2007

Designer Souls

What makes ONE wants to own expensive goods, is it just to show off. I’m not talking about the desire to own and flaunt luxury goods such as cars, boats etc……The BIG STUFF ……….for the big fish!
I am talking the average Joe (and Jane to be politically correct) and their desire to own designer accessories; bags, sunglasses, wallets; and EXPENSIVE clothing necessities such as pants, shirts, etc..

Fendi, Gucci, Cartier; does a Rolex worth BD 4,000 or more tell time better than a BD20 or BD 40 Citizen or Casio watch?

Wallets & Bags (Prada,Chloe,Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi)
How about a Guess or Gucci wallet or bag, is the money held in such a wallet worth more than the notes in an ordinary BD 5 wallet, purchase power wise. I am aware some smart ass out there will say some thing in the area of “Huh, my Designer wallet holds more money in it then you make In a month”, to that I say, “Maybe”, or “Maybe you’re full of SHIT”.

Women have been known to squander their monthly salary on designer bags worth BD 200, 500, 1500 or more. What the hell is wrong with these people?

When one of them is asked to donate money to help the needy and poor or contribute anything to charity, ‘boingggggg’, they freeze up and the stiffs might actually give less than BD 1 ($ 2.65), only in shame.

But then when they see that must have X or Y, ooooooohhhh mamaaaa, sell the babies and mortgage the house cause I’m gona get some tonight.

Presto, just like that the Visa card pops out from thin air and SWISH, it gets swiped and the goodies are their to take home.

Gold & Silver pens worth hundreds; I know for a fact that my handwriting sucks no matter what, whether I write with a 50 fils ($0.13) pen or a BD150 ($380) one. It just sucks!

This phenomenon is in both women and men.

Millions are dying of war, famine, hunger and malnutrition; just imagine how many lives a Designer bag can save.

I got my watch in Melbourne, Australia in 1999, a CITIZEN for AUD 100 (BD 25 then [$66]). I love it.

I get my shirts from MAXX (Sitra Mall) for between BD 4 to 6 (Thanks to a good friend who told of the place when it opened). Why the hell not, its good quality and I go through them every two / three months. Why should I buy a shirt that costs BD 20 or 30.

My pen, actually pens, I go through two to three a month, you know me, big shot and all, writing all those big cheques, heheheh hehehe, seriously, I choose to write with the 50 fils ($0.13) pen; sometimes some worth 250 fils ($0.66).

The point is if you have lots & lots of money, then indulge yourself a little but don’t go over board.

What are you trying to compensate for?
‘Ching’, ‘Swish’, You just sold your soul for designer goods. Hope the attention you get is worth it. Come again……AND HAVE A NICE DAY..