Thursday, April 26, 2007


On my way home yesterday night, I was stopped by a red light at the ‘Al Khareeta’ (The MAP) traffic lights, it was 9:40 pm, and I was heading towards Manama from playing Basketball with a couple of my friends at the Gulf Air club.

To pass my time, I looked around, at the ads on the large screen, at the ‘McDonalds’ logo (thinking of a Big Mac), I turned around and noticed a Traffic police car blocking the cars coming from the turn from the Manama freeway that leads on to the highway going towards Isa Town.

I realized that a VIP was probably headed our way, coming towards us from the Mina Salman port highway, my suspicions were confirmed when all the traffic lights turned red and no cars were moving.

So we sat and waited; at 9:44 pm, I saw the flashing lights slowly appearing from the distance, I braced myself and eagerly peered over trying to get a glimpse of the person in the on coming car. With no warning at all, the Traffic police car moved on, and a Range Rover with a Special Forces unit took its place, WOW, What’s going on here? Who’s THIS VIP? Is it a VVIP, or maybe a VVVVVVIP?

And when it did pass by I was shocked to see Lorries carrying containers, with ‘Special Forces’ in pursuit. This is not a blog about what was in the containers. My question here is much more important, so;

I got to thinking, these were only containers and we were made to wait for 4 to 5 minutes at least, NO VIPs, WHAT then would the REACTION of TRAFFIC POLICE have been had there been AN AMBULANCE STRANDED IN OUR LANE with its LIGHES FLASHING and its HORNS HONKING and a POOR UNFORTUNATE SOUL in the back with an EMMERGENCY, fighting for his life? What is Bahrain's Traffic law on something like this?