Sunday, April 29, 2007

'Love Birds' Divided

I went to the ‘Post Office’ at the Bahrain Mall today to renew my driving licence which expired 3 days ago. Finally!

While I was standing in the queue waiting for my turn, I looked around (as usual) eyeing anything that moved just TO KILL TIME. My eye caught sight of a man with a rose in his hands. ‘Wow, there is something going on there’, I thought, so I observed secretly, looking at the counter then turning around from time to time; like a ‘Bird Watcher’ looking at a exotic bird ritual in its natural environment; in this CASE it was a guy waiting for a girl.

When I next turned around, I saw the girl approaching the guy, he was holding the rose in his left hand which was to his side, ‘Humm’, I thought, ‘You’d usually see the hand stretched out waiting to greet the girl with the rose’.

They must have been feeling awkward because they were looking around to see if anyone was looking at them, I immediately turned back towards the counter.

When next I turned around, they were holding hands and were about to sit on the bench opposite the lifts. The girl sat down and laid the rose on the bench next to her, the guy sitting on the other side, they were still holding hands.
They began to talk.

I continue to look at them thinking, ‘how hard it is in our culture for young ‘lovers’ (used loosely) to meet & get to know each other before contemplating marriage’; my thoughts and views on the subject will the contents of another blog.

Anyways, I turned to look at the counter again as It was now one person away from being my turn. I glanced back to look at them and my eyes met the guy’s eyes; pretending to be looking around, I did not immediately turn back but rather continued to look around, up and to the side. I looked down at my phone and fidgeted with it, pretending to make a call.

When I next turned their way, they were gone.

Alas, the love birds had flow the coupe and it was all because of me. The stopped feeling like a ‘Bird watcher’ and now felt like a predator that had just let it prey get away.