Thursday, April 19, 2007

$on of a B*%@&! Oh! HI, it's you!

Have you every been cut off while driving on a freeway, highway, a narrow lane OR anywhere else for that matter?

I have, on many occasions i might add and I don't like it. It infuriates me to the extent that i just want to ram right into the other car and then flip the person(s) the middle finger; but i refrain from doing so as i am civilized (what ever that means). Though, i do call them a$$@@@@, b@$^&*d, $on of a B*%#$, and any other 'good word' that comes to mind, this goes for both guys and gals. I don’t discriminate between sexes; equal opportunity and all that.

Alas, it happened to me today (18th April 2007), AGAIN. I was on my way to work, late as usual and in a hurry to swipe my card on the Car Park entrance machine by the 7:30 am mark so as not to be tagged late, AGAIN. I was driving on the freeway that runs from Salmaniya to the Pearl round-about, past the first traffic light. On approaching 200 meters from the intersection leading to the round-about, this copper coloured 92 Ford Lincoln came right at me from the left, trying to cross over into my lane, i immediately put my foot on the breaks to reduce my speed & avoid hitting the jack ass. He swerves & pulls back just in the nick of time, twit.

I keep my calm and continued driving until i stop at the junction, i'm pissed off but because I'm almost late, i turn the other cheek; all this time I am still observing the @$$h&&&; I had one eye on the road and the other on the left-side mirror, he was in it. He then begins to drive around me from the back; I got sight of him in my rear view mirror, and finally the right side one.

From the corner of my right eye, I could see his car pulling by my right hand side window. I got ready to turn around, grouped my eye brows together in an angry motion and was ready to turn around and give him the stare. As soon as I turned, I recognized him. He was one of the guys at work. (This is not the first time an incident like this has occurred between me and someone else I know, and I don’t believe it will be the last)

He smiled and waved; I smiled back and waved, and nodded my head in recognition.

We moved on...

Had it been someone I did not know, we would probable be at each others throats, waving fists, grunting, and swearing; and of course the universal sign for hello, how are you, and UP yours, the 'middle' index finger.

What do you do in an awkward situation like this?

I swiped my card at 7:33 am, AGAIN!