Thursday, April 26, 2007

Weight Loss Diary

I have decided it is high time i start that diet, ahem ahem, changed in diet that i have been contemplating for so long.

My pants do not fit anymore, my belly has popped out and i weight more than i should for my height.

Therefore, i will be POSTING my daily diary, exercise routine and food intake here. I will also be weighing my self every 15 days......

My height: 5 foot 7 inches
Weight: 94 kg
I aint giving my but size!

Starting from 26th April and for the next three months, ending 25th July 2007. The ideal weight for my height is around 70 kg. I don't thing i will reach it exactly but my aim is to get as close as possible.

My philosophy is to reduce the energy intake (not completely stop), and then consume the utmost energy possible via exercise.

I don't follow anyone's diet schedule except mine, and this is how it is; First i exercise daily, i cut out all bread and rice; cut our fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolates and cakes; well actually i try to. There are going to be tough times ahead but i will persevere in the end.

26 April 2007 - (Day 1 of 91 days)
Breakfast: Chicken Breast Salad
Lunch: Missed Lunch
Dinner: 3 Hamour (fish) fillet
Exercise: 5k jog, 3x20 sit-ups, 2x10 push-ups.
Liquids: 1.5L water, 3 orange drinks
Notes: The food intake was ok, there exercise torture, i was able to run the 5k with minimal discomfort.
27 April 2007 - (Day 2 of 91 days)
Breakfast: Missed Breakfast
Lunch: Half a Grilled Chicken
Dinner: Medium size cut of Water Mellon
Liquids: 2L water, 2 orange drinks , 1 Pineapple Juice
Exercise: One and a Half hours of playing basketball, 1x20 sit-ups,
Notes: The basketball game was a good exercise so i did not job. I may do both later on but i need my body to get used to the daily exercise routine first. Skipping the junk food was not a problem as i was asleep one third of the day and busy the other two.
28 April 2007 - (Day 3 of 91 days)
Breakfast: Missed Breakfast
Lunch: 6 hot dogs
Dinner: 4 hot dogs & a medium size cut of Water Mellon
Liquids: 1/2 L water, 2 orange drinks
Exercise: 1x20 sit-ups,
Notes: I was unable to exercise today because my ankles hurt from the previous day's game. This is not good. I must push my self not to skip my exercise routines.
29 April 2007 - (Day 3 of 91 days)
Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs mixed with onions (Bade wa bassal)
Liquids: 1 tea & milk, 1/2L water,
Notes:Today i read the label on the Orange drink and saw that it had 150 calories, sugarrrrrr, so I have decided to stop drinking it. There goes one of my incentives.
30 April 2007 - (Day 4 of 91 days)