Sunday, April 22, 2007

Maid for Abuse!

It has become common place for GCC nationals to abuse their maids/ house boys, and apparently even more so in Bahrain, a country known for its friendliness and hospitality. Not a day goes by without hearing of another incident or reading a news article published on the subject, usually describing the despicable and inhumane treatment by employers against their maids. These atrocities are being committed against innocent human beings.

Where is big Brother now?
How can the governments of the GCC states keep quite when such crimes against humanity are being committed in their own back yard? This I know is not comparable to genocide or slavery, but a crime is a crime is a crime.

This is physical, mental, emotional and financial abuse.

They come to our country with the hopes of improving their children’s or families’ lives, leaving them behind for long periods of time. Some maids have been known to leave their new born children soon after they have given birth.
Others leave several children behind, hoping to earn an extra income to better their lived and give them a change in this miserable world.

This is the way we welcome them into our lives? Is this the type of people that we have become? How can this be acceptable?

Some are sexually abused or raped (to me they both have the same meaning but are different words, nothing more) by the dirty scum that we have living amongst us. If they do not concede with the B@$&&&&S requests, they are beaten and sent back to their countries without being paid their dues. One has to be pretty low on the human evolution scale to perform such despicable deeds in the same home that their wives and children reside.

Some of them do not get paid their wages for months on end, sometimes even being short changed when they are finally paid.

Others are beaten for no reason at all or maybe for for not doing a proper job or just wanting to sleep early because they are tired.

Yet others are being used as punching bags by abusive spouses (both Husband & Wife) who themselves are in a troublesome relationships.

There is much, much more;
Maids enticed and brought here under the pretext of finding good paying jobs but then forced into prostitution, etc….

Nothing justifies beating your maid, this is against our Religion and culture. What have we become?

The other side of the Fence;
There are always two sides’ to such an article; so as a sign of respect to mistreated and abused, I will post the other side in another blog.