Monday, October 20, 2008

The Return of Citizen X

Being out of the Blogging circle for a while now, i've missed out on a lot of events that have occurred locally and around the world.....

On a personal note, my high point this year was when my second son, Daniel was born in May'08; my low point was when my estranged father, whom i had not talked to for almost four months (since he cut all ties with me) passed away in June'08. I will miss him despite the roller coaster relationship that we had; after all, he was, is and will always be my father. May god rest his soul.

I completed by Secondment to Oman in July'8 and returned back to my post in Bahrain. (Herein lies another blog topic for the coming days)

First and foremost, I was saddened to hear that the Blog-Father had hung up his keyboard indefinitely.... You will be missed, but your personal decision to do so will always be respected.

Now, the the F***ing traffic (here) in Bahrain is getting worse.... Road rage is rampant, showing the middle finger is a prerequisite for getting a driver's licence and never a day goes bye without another fatal accident.

I'v heard that our DREAM of a Monorail (Overhead Train) system in Bahrain MAY become a reality, sooner than we think (I will not hold my breath but I'm keeping my fingers crossed).

The illegal occupation of Palestine, Afghanistan & Iraq continue ... The false wars are still raging on ... The financial world is in turmoil ... there is a huge distrust in the Banking systems around the world...and behemoths are collapsing ... while others are being gobble up by their governments as a preemptive measure before the domino effect topples them too ... thousands of people will loose their jobs...Millions of American's will lose their homes because of the sub-prime lending debacle.

The Gulf states are not safe either, although the GCC Central banks continue to profess peace and order, that is far from the truth. Yes, there is a lot of liquidity in our markets, but some Financial & Investment losses may be too great to be borne and may (WILL) eventually lead to the deck of card to fall, tumble down. It is still taboo to tell the truth in the gulf....

The American public will shortly be running to the poles to elect yet another president that will further contribute to their down fall, running their country into financial ruins and alienating them even further from the rest of the world. Democrat or Republican, a crook is still a crook, no matter what side they are on.

Finally, as for what i intend to blog about; i will to continue write, be it a short foot note or a long essay type blog; whether it be about the mysteries of the universe, the divine and undiscovered secrets that should be known by all, or simple things in life; No matter how crappy my writing or pointless it may be.....