Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Lies we Weave, The Dreams we Leave

It's not difficult to see that many facets of life don't always go the way we intended them to, sometimes more than we'd care to accept.

One would probably insistently argue that it was what was intended to have happen, blatantly arguing that the result was spot on...."I knew that would happen", "It's what i wanted", "I don't want anything else", "I'm Happy", "It Doen't matter".... and “It was meant to be!”

Lies .. to justify one's dormant life, to put you at ease, safe guarded in a comfort zone. Forming a cocoon of deception, and being sheltered from triggers, avoiding acceptance or realization, that one may in fact not be satisfied that we are actually not doing our hearts desires but have settled for anything close to it or that which is in front of us.

Is it because, you did not try hard enough? Maybe it’s because of a lack of experience, or maybe immaturity or the absence of a clear guiding path.

Whatever the reason, we all live in the same world, so it's not difficult to decipher that the same issues affect us all, and each one reacts differently. One may stand up and fight, and still not achieve anything; another may lay down and accept fate, baring the consequences; yet others may overcome and exceed, even more than their expectations and dreams.

Run after your dreams, stretch for the thing that you want the most. Don't settle for second best, or what's at hand, we all may not achieve our hearts desires but we can certainly try. To attempt and fail, is always better that to never attempt at all.

To many out there, the things I’ve said may be the rankings of a crazy man; to others it may be the truth they do not want to confront, still others may interpret this as a lost man's attempt to reach out to something or someone...

U decide ... interpret it the way it best suits u

You may say that it's destiny, fate or luck that decides, i say BULL SHIT..

Life will only give us the opportunities, it will lead us to the cross roads, but it's up to us to recognize and grasp them, to choose whether we go left or right. Opportunities may pass us by, it isn't because it was meant to be, it’s because you either did not try hard enough or you just did not know better.

Decisions we make has a ripple effect on the course of our life, we may come across the same opportunity more than once, but to let it get out of your grasp for the simple reason of being shy, scared or not knowing better, …….

So don't wait for the phone to ring, for your other to approach you first; make your move, don’t sit and think too much.

Get up and Chase your dreams, don’t live with regrets....