Monday, February 21, 2011

Democratic reform: a great divide OR NATIONAL UNITY

First of all, I have faith in Crown Prince Shaikh Salman's ability to guide us through these times of change, to a better and real democratic Society. Under National Unity.

No Government has the right to USE lethal force against its citizens. Only Bahraini's will risk their lives to defend Country and each other, Bahraini's will never kill each other.

Regardless which side you stand on, the fence must be movable, not made of stone or resistant to change. To do this we must have a real Constitutional Monarchy. The monarchy exists but the constitution is flawed.


No freedom of speech.

Ministers selected by Government not elected by citizens.

A Parliament that has no significant powers.

** there are so much more.


The government has, since 2000 brought in Arabic speaking nationals from other MENA states, providing them with Bahrain Passports, housing and government jobs.

The above are completely separate from legal, binding & rightful Bahrain passport holders.

It is good & dandy to send messages of love or greet one another and smile, but the fact remains that there is a great rift, a divide which has resurrected its ugly head, tearing at the fabric of our friendly society. Our family.

Bahrain, being a small island, has citizens who are intricately linked to one another, either being neighbors, close friends, work colleagues or binded through marriage.

Today, i see friends arguing, family members divided and scornful, colleagues eying one another then grouping together and chattering their true feelings and neighbors building invisible fences.

Why are there those that are afraid of change, why fear the worst when you should be expecting the best. That is what this democratic reform will bring, the same close knit family (Bahrainis) under a true constitution written by and for the people, WRITTEN by ALL PEOPLE.

I implore people to stop listening to the hogwash lies being spread, done so to scare people and ensure we are divided.

Who would benefit from this divide, certainly not Bahrain’s citizens?

Try looking at similarities not differences, you'll notice they far out weight the differences, make them your priority and concentrate on them when you meet your fellow Bahraini.

We can all agree to disagree, but we do not have to stop being courteous, well mannered, pleasant; or to stop talking & fight one another.

Let us instead understand the other point of view.

and to those on Twitter trying name calling & bully tactics, my time is better spent ignoring you and concentrating on the future of OUR COUNTRY, Bahrain.