Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Plot thickens .. my perspective.. Bahrain's Peaceful Movement for change...

People should listen, and then judge for them selves. or ignore completely and walk away .. Freedom to choose .. is a god given right and must not be taken away ..

We can agree to disagree .. but at the end of the day .. u r my brother & i yours .. That point seems to be lost to some ..

My stance on all this is simple, implementation of THE original Constitutional Monarchy that was promised, NOT this Flawed constitution. A Constitution written by Bahrain citizens for Bahrain citizens. UNDER no situation is Government allowed to use Violence or deadly force against Bahrain citizens. Military is to Defend Bahrain & its Citizens not to attack Citizens. No detaining & torture.. No Political Naturalization, No Discrimination by government & no promotion of Discrimination by Gov as is the case now in military & certain ministries .. sadly also true on certain Private institutions.. Actual Freedom of Press & Speech... not the facade we have now..Public land is Public .. NOT Private... A parliament without actual powers is redundant..

I hate Sectarianism. NATIONAL UNITY only .. No Shia No Sunni .. Just/I'm Bahraini...
Feb14 is being depicted as a Shia against Sunni movement .. where in actual fact it is a Peaceful movement, a struggle by citizens for their rights... IT IS SAD, that after living together for decades & more, the plight of these demonstrators is still not apparent to some unwilling to look but chose to listed to propaganda..

Keep in mind that it is the Bahrain citizens/Demonstrators that occupy LuLu, not the Gov Opposition or Opposition political groups. The latter come there to talk to them through speeches .. That is why u see camps, food stalls & the more lively family atmosphere... the hospitality and friendliness ..

Also don't forget that people are angry with their government for using deadly force against their peaceful movement resulting in injuring many and the death of 7. Like it of not .. thats why u hear resentment slogans of government.. People still hurt .. for the innocent blood spilled ..

Mushaima, a long time opposition of the Government has just arrived in Bahrain. He was speaking at LuLu last night, mostly repeats of what many have already been saying, but he did emphasize that WE, meaning previous opposition movements, had trusted the Government when invited to dialog only to be tricked. He said that this time, the movement was by the people, their demands are what must be met, and the oppositions are united in the stance. Additionally he said this is not a Shia or Sunni movement..Its a National Unity movement ..

If he adds value to the peaceful movement for Freedom and change, then good, but if he is here to sell his own self interests, or promote HATE, i'd rather not be part of that, and hope the People of LuLu reject that ideology too..TIME WILL Tell ..

I'm still unsure what to think, i've heard Mushaima has an extreme view & no cap to demands.. Time will tell .. But if u ask me, the opposition by now should have an agree list of demands, also how & when best to approach Dialog.

Yesterday, an article in the GDN caught my eye, 'Tribute to Gandhi's non-violent struggle' in which retired engineer Mansoor Jamal linked the protest at the Pearl Roundabout to India's struggle for independence & Manhatman gandhi. Quotes from the article ..
"The more i see these people there (at Lulu), the more i am convinced that they are following on the Mahatama's path"
"We are not against His Majesty King Hamad but we do not like a lot of things happening under his rule. We want change and we hope we will achieve what we have set out to get"

Many ask why has dialog has not started, what are the Demonstrators/Opposition waiting for, since Government has already extended an open arm. . . My opinion is that the Concessions requested of Government have not been met yet .. not entirely .. Not all prisoners have been released and the biggest point of all, PM is still present.

Will this be an ice breaker, i don't know ..

But till then ... i'll continue to cover as much as possible .. as objectively as i possible can..

and as always those who want to accuse .. continue to do so .. and those that want to be rude may do so .. I choose not to .. In the end i want my family (My Country) together not Divided ..