Thursday, August 23, 2007

Can it get more embarrasing than this?

I’m embarrassed to say that even after, no especially after a successful Lazic eye operation, with my eye sight restore to near perfect vision, I’ve had been involved in at least four incidents proving the contrary, and sighting me to rethink my attitude and state of mind.

I’m ecstatic that I can see well again after so long, but I fear it has gotten to my head. I’m now arrogant and cocky in my driving and where once I was overly cautious, now I take things for granted.

But it’s not entirely my fault, the sun glasses I got, to be worn after my operation, are doing their job even better than I thought they would. In fact, they’re doing so well that I can’t see things at times.

Up to date, I’ve bumped in to two curbs (side walks), I’ve got the skid marks on both the back wheels to prove it; skipped over a speed bump, at a rather high speed I might add, literally flying in the air for al least a second; ran a red light because I did not see the colors change in time; and, I spent 10 minutes driving around, looking for a right turn leading into a street that I had visited less than a month ago, I actually drove three times back and fourth until I found it.

And when I got to my destination, in the parking lo………….I think that’s enough, I’ve embarrassment my self enough for one day, I won’t, no, I can’t go on.

I thing I’m going to slowly float back down to earth, drive at 40 miles an hour, look both ways, stop at junctions, and slow down before reaching traffic lights, and I’m going to refrain from using the Sun Glasses for long periods of time.

God help me if my colleagues find out about these mishaps, I’d never hear the end of it….. It’s a good thing they don’t read my BLOG.