Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How serious are the Traffic Directorate with their new campaign? Lets see...

Yesterday’s GDN had an article proclaiming that the Traffic Directorate has now launched a campaign against speeding drivers. The claim is that the number of Drivers caught speeding has increased since last year. I believe them, ignoring the published figures, even a blind can tell you that there are just too many speedsters on the roads of Bahrain, young and old, nationals and foreigners, and lets not forget that our country has become a great weekend get away/destination for our many GCC neighbors…

But that’s not all, Bahraini Drivers believe the ‘Driving License’ grants them the right to do as they deem fit, the pile of metal on wheels is a misleading cocoon of death. Putting pressure of the pedal, releases life sustaining juice, to crank and nudge the bucket of nuts and bolts forward, ever so slowly; yet that is not enough, we want more, to go faster, and faster. So we press down a little bit more, a bit more forceful this time. The pedal reclines, even more juice gets pumped into the tin can’s loins; it purrs, and then speeds up. Now, you’d think that would satisfy us, but nooooo, now our eyes are toying with us, showing us that the car driving to the side is a bit further ahead, your mind kicks in and taunts you. Is the other car better that yours? Maybe it’s faster! Maybe the driver is better than you.

So, down goes the foot, full throttle and away we GOOOOOO.

But wait, the lights are turning red, I’ll have to stop, but that will mean that other car will now catch up, NOT IF I CAN HELP IT!

The foot pushes down, all the way this time, until the pedal can sink no further and is met head on, with a numb thud, the bottom has been breached, the RPM sprints at the speed of light. You cross the line, but the lights have already turned red, no matter, with the speed you are doing, you can easily avoid a collision……..

With all the education that we’ve had, we’re ignorant of the facts and don't realizing the seriousness of the situation, and by not acknowledging that we are riding in loaded guns, every one of us, we continue to roll the dice, playing with people’s lives.


There’s no one really watching us, there are too few cameras, and I can’t help but laugh hysterically when they claim that six new state of the art camera’s are to be installed NEXT MONTH. How many will that make? 10, 12, 20?

WHY CAN’T WE HAVE THOSE LIVE CAMERA FEEDS THAT OTHER COUHTRIES HAVE? In no time at all, they’d pay for themselves, and then generate a large revenue reserve which can be tapped to further improve the road systems.

To make my point, the current TD advertisements hanging on the road sides are pathetic, they are grey and dull, and will be ignored by most drivers. In contrast, the advertisements that Shamil Bank displayed a month back had traffic lights on them, very colorful and eye catching, I never once drove by one without staring at it. Each time i'd see them i'd reduce my speed, only later realizing it was a sale ploy for their visa cards. THAT GO MY ATTENTION, these adverts will have no such success.

And they say they are serious…..

To close off, and I quote from the article here “The traffic directorate is also considering tougher punishment against drivers breaking traffic rules

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? For god sakes, suspend people’s licenses for second time offenders, six months to two years, maybe some jail time will do them some good, or just revoke their driving privileges for ever.

Set up a nation wide database of abusive drivers; provide online access to car rental companies and Sales agents so that the abusers no longer get their hands on a set of wheels, ever again.

There is so much more, be firm in the penalties, don’t give third time offenders an option to bribe their way out of trouble. THE Law must apply to all, normal people and VIPS, NO EXCEPTIONS.

And yet, by the end of the campaign, the message will not penetrate our thick skulls, I wonder WHY?

It’s not our fault; the Traffic directorate is not doing its job right.

Hummmm, maybe......, you think i can use that excuse when i get pulled over for a traffic violation or when I get my mug shot taken, whizzing by the newly installed high tech cameras…