Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gay & Lesbian Priests,Should it be acceptable?

Gay & Lesbian priests; what is this world coming to; I’m shocked to what extent people are willing to distance themselves from customs, religion & morality, just to be politically correct & not to be portrayed as a homophobic; when in fact they are stating their truly beliefs; people, the masses, consider them as gay bashers…….I wonder why!

There is no phrase or scripture in any of the three ‘religions of the book’ that recognises homosexuality as an appropriate or acceptable means of living. For that matter, I’d doubt if it were acceptable in any religion at all……Maybe Devil worship?????

It’s the sanctity & divinity of the bond between a man and woman, the scriptures never said Man and Man, nor Woman and Woman, and not even a morphed combination of the two; NO, just the two sexes…MALE & FEMALE.

If god intended for 'Homo sapiens' to become 'homosexual', then I’d think, over the millions of years, we’d have evolved into something similar to a snail, unisex in nature.

Heterosexual not homosexual; two chromosome, an ‘X’ and a ‘Y’, not a ‘U’ chromosome; the defining proof is in the biological difference between a man and a woman; we interlock, fit together, and were always meant to be together. One gets pregnant the other does not; one had a stronger body than the other; one had a soft curvaceous body while the other has a rough exterior; one is gently and kind the other can be stern and ruthless.

But to make my point, let’s not bring religion, physique or any GOD’s intentions into this argument; GAY, Homosexual, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transvestite, call them what you may, have a right; be it known as sexual preference or orientation, to choose the partner that they want to have sex with, realistically that what’s it’s all about, isn’t it?

So ok, they have that freedom; no one can take it away from them, but for them to then turn around and demand to enter the sanctity of a church, as a priest, a man of the cloth, a servant of god, that’s just crossing a bridge that should never be allowed, no where in the job description of a priest does it state the sexual preference as ‘OPEN to ANYTHING’.

A homosexual should not have the right to become a priest, though if you really think about it, with all the publicity going around about priests sexually abusing boys, you’d think priesthood was meant specifically for homosexuals. Sorry, that was a sick joke, but I think you know where I’m coming from.

There is a division between state and religion, so the state can implement laws that gives rights to homosexuals and their life partners, so to speak, but laws are man made, and they can be altered or enhanced based on the acceptance of the masses, yet that freedom is not available in religion, and it should not be.

Homosexuals want to be recognised when they marry each other, and the law accommodates for that, in certain states; they want to adopt children, and some states allow for that as well, by law. I’m totally against it, but I have no say here.

So marriage is their right; adoption, also somewhat a right afforded to them in certain areas; but becoming priests should never be allowed, not even if HELL freezes over…..

I’d still want to see conclusive proof, any evidence at all for that matter, as to why Priesthood continues to be tainted, first by sodomising priests that continually protected and not exposed and expelled, and now by homosexuals.

I’m not a homophobic, I believe in the freedom of choice and sexual preference, but there is a limit to how much morality should be bent to appease others.

Just look at the controversy being caused…in the papers….these days.