Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Bahrain National Team is playing today, I fear the worst but am hoping for the best.

I reluctanly write this blog in fear of the jinxing our team, but it must be said.

It's only a feeling that i have, but my gut tells me that Saudia Arabia may out perform us today.

They have some deadly strikers in Yasser Al Qahtani and CO (i can't remember their names now), who move around very well without the ball, who are hard to defend and almost always utalize the opportunities that come before them in front of the goal.

In our last game against South Korea, we won through shear guts and determination, all the players, each and every one of them, defending the goal like its was their lives on the line, where one defender fell back another took his place, it was an ugly win, but a win non the less. Korea had numerous opportunities to finish us off, but they just could not get the ball to cross the white line between the goal posts.

Best of all, the Chess master at the side lines, knew exactly when and who to substitute. Brilliant.

Now, against Saudia Arabia it may be a differenct scenario (I prey to God it's not). I'm hoping that Machella has another trick up his sleaves which he has now revealed to the players.

My FEAR as always is that the players do not play with heart and determination. Although other teams in the tournament may have more skills, faster players and a more experianced front line, our players have proven that they have what it takes to finally achieve what has been lacking in Bahrains long Football history, an Asian Cup trophy and the respect thaT goes with it. BUT i fear...........

So i'll be at work while others wil be sitting at the TV, watching nervously, jumping up and down, nervously as each second passes by.

While my fears turn to reality...................

The game has started and we are alreacy 1 - 0 down.

BUT i know if the guys play all out, we can DO ITTTTTTT.

Now, back to work...