Friday, July 06, 2007

CX movie review - Transformers

Yesterday, I went to the cinema with my son to catch the 12:00 midnight screening of Transformers.

The Plot
Eighty years ago, an all powerful cosmic CUBE called the ‘All Spark’ fell to earth. The Cube had the power to transform electronic & mechanical gadgets into living megabots exoskeletons robots.

The CUBE is perused by the Evil Lord Megatron master of the Decepticons, a race of mebabots that were originally given life to by the CUBE; his aim, to use the cube to transform all the gadgets on earth into megabots and turn them loose onto the human race.
In his attempt to enter the earth’s atmosphere he looses control and falls into the Arctic Ocean where he is frozen solid by the sub zero water of the depths.

The CUBE is lost.

Present day, young Sam Witwicky is attempting to sell off his Grand father’s glasses on ebay to get some pocket money.

The good guys, Optimus Prime & his band of Autobots who are also megabots created by the CUBE, land on earth in a race against the collaborators of Lord Megatron to find the CUBE before it is too late for the man kind.

It takes the Autobots, the US army and Sam Witwicky’s bravery in the toughest of times to defeat the Decepticons.

The movie has a perfect ending with the song ‘What I’ve Done’ by Linkin Park echoing in the back Ground.

Now, at some point of time the word ‘Masturbation’ is uses, and immediately my son turns to me and asks, “Dad, what does that men?”, I was stupefied, what should I say? I looked at him, trying to keep a straight face and told him that I would explain it to him later when the movie ended. I have not and he has not asked, yet. My fear now is that when he watches the movie again on DVD, he’ll surely hear the word AGAIN and come running to me for an explanation. What in the world do I do then? My only option seems to be to lie to him and tell him that they will never release the DVD for financial reasons, and hope he believes me. I AM NOT SURE IT’S RIGHT TO SIT DOWN WITH MY 9 YEAR OLD SON AND EXPLAIN TO HIM WHAT ‘MASTERBATION’ IS. I STILL HAVE A COUPLE OF YEARS LEFT FOR THAN, I HOPE!

What I really thought of it:
I absolutely loved watching the movie; it was exciting, hilarious and utterly entertaining. Ali, my 9 year old son liked it as well though not as much as me.

So why did I like it so much? Well, firstly it really was a superb movie and very (very) entertaining but what really captivated me was the fact that it took me back 25 years to when I used to watch the transformer cartoons on TV, during my school heydays, I was no bigger than my son is now.

Also, let’s not forget that it’s produced by Steven Spielberg and anything he touches turns into gold.

Overall, the script was very well written, the acting of Shia LaBeouf was absolutely amazing. He was very funny in the scenes and was the glue that moulded the script together.

The CX Rating

It deservedly has to be rated as high up as a 9 out of 12, without question.

And YES, you must watch it in the cinema.

I suggest you watch it at the Al Jazeera cinema in Muharraq as it will cost you only BD2 per person.

Have a blast.

Transformers, more than meets the eyes…………….