Wednesday, July 18, 2007

End of our National Team.

It saddens me that our national football team has reached this level of mediocrity.

I remember ten to fifteen years back, when the last batch of players were playing, their skills were slowly deterioration and the BFF were unwilling to come to terms and start the rebuilding process.

It took some time before the younger players were given opportunity to play to prove them selves and help then national team improve.

This batch, I fear have also reached the end of their journey and must now give way to the next generation of players.

As usual other Gulf countries have already started this process; Oman are now considered a young up and coming team.

We now have a team of has been's, could have been's, and should have been's.

It is now time to face facts and start the

BUT AS IS ALWAYS THE CASE, the Coach will be blamed and replaced.

Not the players, nor the management or the Bahrain Football federation, who are really at fault.

4 - 0, Huhhhhhhhh