Tuesday, July 03, 2007

OOPS they did it again, MPs confess that they do not know what the hell they are doing!

Well, almost…..In yesterday’s Bahrain Tribune an honorary MP confesses that they actually did not know what they were approving, when they signed the 1% forced unemployment contribution into law, that which has now become a thorn in our sides.

They really did not read it, did they? Nor did they understand the implications it would have. Who blames them?

You ask me, the whole useless lot of them, went to work that day, punched in their card so as to make sure they got paid their undeserved dues, voted ‘Yae’ on all the petitions without reading them and then left to go back home to rest after such a long and hard day’s work.

Yes, thinking, or actually trying to think takes a lot out of anyone not used to it.

What’s new?

We, the people of K.O.Bahrain F’ed up when we elected each and every one of them; whether it being members of the Al Asala, Al Wefaq, the Independents, the Government stooges or any other trigger happy Bahrainis who’s motives for acquiring a seat in the Parliament was to get the benefits that went with the coveted position and the pension that will ensue soon after they are kicked out; which will definitely happen since they have already exposed their true colors during the first term.
They have proven this by their unsatisfiable greed which is driving them to further improve their already hefty benefits rather than do what they were elected for, which was to cater for the people’s need, better their lives and protect them against the Government’s unilateral decision & policy making and lack of transparency.

“Why has this happened?” You ask yourself.

I’ll tell you why, because the first year we elected the good for nothing MPs we got diddle, all they achieved was to fattening their pockets and of course continue to benefited from the gifts bestowed upon them, tokens of appreciation from the Government to bud out of their affairs. They exercised a blind eye and were deservedly kicked out by the end of the first term.
So what did we then go out and do?

Don't get me wrong, i not blaiming the Government, who the hell would not try to take advantage of a group of people who really do not know what their duties are and where their loyalty should lay. (I'm not trying to bash the Government at each opportunity i get, but they have become used to their old ways and it's going to be a very hard journey for them to reform)

Poor misguided and ignorant us, we went out and elect another bunch of good for nothing MPs.

What now?

Well, in a little over two and a half years time we will yet again get another opportunity to shove another hot iron rod right up our @$$es, for the third straight term.

I’m looking forward to it.

You know, how does the saying go?

‘Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me’.

I can’t wait to see us get fooled again. Trust me it will happen again; there is too big a divide between the Bahraini citizens now, and this weakness will be further fuel and taken advantage of by the next batch of graduates (illiterate) candidates.

The only way out of this $hit hole is to elect intellectuals and highly educated Economists, Doctors, Engineers, Professors and Scientists; no religious fanatic, no wolves in sheep’s clothing and especially no Government stooges.


Oh yah, take a good look at the mannequins in the shop windows, they will probably disappear very soon being as they are so sexual in nature and continue to turn us guys in to horny, brain dead perverts.

I’m going to take the MPs word on this.