Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm now officially on Leave! So where have i been for so long? You ask.

As usual, i'm posting this rather late...but what the heck?
I know you'll understand.

It's been ten days now that i have been relaxing away from the pressures and demands of work. Yes, i'm on my annual leave and have flown the coupe.

The weak before my last day at work was hectic, I had a ton of work outstanding and a heck of a lot more to do at home.

Fret not, as i had three check lists, one for the pending work that needed to be attended to before my escape, one for the chores that had to be done at home (if i did not want my wife to come back as get me the hell out of the house), and of course, one for the items I needed to purchase before my flight on Thursday the 19th of Jul 2007.

You see, one of the many bad habbits that i have is to leave thingsd till the very last minute, as this time was no exception, i had a gajillion things to do before i got the go ahead from my manager.

To cope with the load i stayed late at work, there by ensuring that i complete my daily chores and ticked off the pending tasks as well, gradually by weeks end I was almost done.

I’d whiz out of the office, late of course, and prowl the malls of Bahrain looking for the items that i needed to buy, of which the most important was a rather good pair of sun glasses which i had to make sure would protect against the UV rays of the sun.

I also stayed up very late, past midnight and into the early hours of the morning so that i could complete the house chores and clean up the mess i had made, while the misses was away for a month visiting her relatives.

Thursday finally approached. I had convinced my manager that I’d come in and leave by 12:00 noon so as to catch my 4:30 flight.

By 11:50 that morning, i had finally completed all my work, after extensively running around the work premises like a mad man, finishing off task after task that were dependant on the participation of others. By 12:15pm i was standing up right at my manager’s desk, panting frantically, and looking at him with a grin on my face, holding up my hand against my chest revealing the wrist watch which was now showing the time approaching 12:16pm. He got the message and told me to literally, PISS OFF home!

I logged off my laptop, packed up and ran to the car park building where my trusty steed was patiently waiting for my arrival.

I was at home by 12:45pm, I was running into the flat and ripping off my clothes at the same time, my sister was supposed to drop me at the airport by 12:30 and i was already late. I jumped into the shower and performed the ritualistic THREE S's ($#!t, Shower & Shave), got out, dried myself and changed into my travel clothes.

On the way to the airport we picked up my son from his grandmother's house. We arrived at 1:45 and had checked in by 2:15pm. We were now free to roam the shops and have a bite to eat at Jasmis. If you're interested we both has the fish sandwich, it was wet!

We walked to the departure gate at the specified time by low and behold, the flight had been delayed. The plane finally departed at 5:30pm and we arrived in Shiraz, Iran at 6:30pm local time.

I was now only a few days away from getting my Lazic eye operation.

I will blog about that shortly..........