Sunday, July 08, 2007

CX movie review - Shrek the Third

Dated 28 June 2007, but as usual lost in transit.

My intentions were to go to the cinema this weekend to watch the newly released movie ‘PREMONITION’, but because my son was accompanying me, WE (meaning my son) decided to watch ‘Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End’ instead; unfortunately since there were no seats available at the 8:00 pm screening except for the very front rows, we settled on ‘Shrek the Third’.

The Plot
The frog king is on his death bed, and very soon after the movie starts, he passes away, well eventually.
Shrek is then left with the predicament of taking over as the Kind of Ever Ever land, which he is not comfortable with; with the knowledge of the existence of another heir to the throne, he sets off to find his replacement…..

What I really thought of it:
The third episode of the SHREK trilogy is not as good as the original, which had taken us all by surprise; there were a few new ideas, and many new characters.

My favourites (a) the scene where Pinocchio tries not to lie but tell the truth in twists and turns making it hard for the prince to comprehend, and then the pigs squeal, and (b) close to the end a combination reaction between Shrek’s kid burping and Donkey’s kid sneezing resulting in a fire ball.

I didn’t appreciate the adult themes like the ‘Hooters’ sigh and the Bra burning incident, after all their main target audience are still children, even though a lot of adults will also be watching, me included.

Close to the end, the moral of the story is slowly poured on to us and it’s rather touching, up to then I was wondering what the kids watching the movie would be getting out of it, I was relived.

So, in the end the movie was Ok, not great.

The CX Rating

It started off at a 6, went up to an 8 but then ended at a 7, so the final average rating is 7.

It’s ok to watch it in the cinema, though by now it may have been taken off, just make sure there are no kids in the cinema with you with the exception of your child, aaah but that’s too much to ask.