Sunday, June 10, 2007

The coolest cat in Bahrain, Mewooooo!

On Friday evening, my son and I went to the local khabbaz (baker) to get some bread for our dinner, on our way back we noticed a man looking at the bonnet of a car, curiosity got the best of me and my kin.

We made our way towards the car, and when we reached it, we were shocked to see a cat lying still on the car bonnet.

It lay flat on its left side, its hind and fore legs stretched out, its head tilted to the right, and the bottom of its neck twisted upwards exposing the white furry chin, some of its teeth were peering out of its mouth and its eyes were shut tight; the moment I saw it I was sure it had been hit by a car and the culprit had placed the poor thing here, our of even more harms way.

Just then I saw its chest gently moving up and down, the poor thing was still breathing; I took a closer look at it and “GOD DAMN IT”, the $0n of a B!t@h was just sleeping.

I tapped it on its hind paws twice, nothing, absolutely nothing, no sudden shriek or a frightened reactive pounce.

The Lazy ass bum!

I then clapped my hands which made a loud echoing sound, this got its attention but it wasn’t the reaction I was expecting; it peered one eye wide open, the other a quarter of the way, took a good look at us and then shut them again without even a meow;

It actually did not care that we were standing right over its head, as if we were noting to it.

THE COOLest CAT in Bahrain, all it needed now was some shades!


It must have probably been thinking “What does this A-hole want?”, and then went back to sleep.

All I can say is “RESPECT”.