Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Have you ever blanked out in an EXAM?

Well, have you?

I did yesterday during an exam.

I confess, I did not take advantage of the weekend to catch up but studied only during the morning of the exam; but I knew everything, so what went wrong?

I had a good nights sleep the previous day, so I wasn’t stressed out. I had three Red Bulls energy drinks to keep the blood pumping and the adrenalin at a high level.

So why did I blank the moment I saw the first question, which was the easiest question of the lot.

I had no problem remembering the answers to the other tougher questions, but whenever I glanced at question numero uno, the invisible brick wall came back and smacked be rights in the face.

I hope I get off my lazy @$$ and study for the other exams BEFORE HAND.

But......., I very much doubt that will happen.