Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Its summer, birds are chirping outside & i wish i had a GUN!

A couple of weeks back, a colleague and I were busy hard at work, we were lost in this thorny task that had to be completed before proceeding with other duties; our concentration was broken by the chirping of a bird outside the office window.

You’d think that a bird chirping would get the attention of everyone.

It didn’t, not a flinch; deaf bastards the lot of them, the others just continued to work on. I, on the other hand could not, my concentration was now broken and it was going to be a climb up a steep hill just to get back into the groove.

You’d thing that the chirps of a bird, behind iron and concrete walls, a CAGE to be exact, would make me mellow and all ‘ga ga’ inside, it did the opposite.

I got pissed off and began to search desperately for the sucker.

I felt like punching a hole right through the reinforced glass, grab the agitating critter making all that racket, taking an A4 pencil and jamming it right up its behind, I’d make sure it went so far up the bird’s @$$ that it would choke on it and wouldn’t be able to squeak.

Does that make me a psycho?

Is there something abnormal about me?

Don’t get me wrong, I love a variety of birds; I even have an African Grey name ‘JAX’ at home, and I love him (or maybe it’s a her??), but the point is I’m not a nature hater, it’s just that this is not the place for it and we have gotten so used to all racket of urban life that nature has a hard time penetrating the thick exoskeleton that we have formed to protect us from our surroundings.

Oh yah, I hate pigeons, all they are good for are crapping all over you. Yes, sadly it has happened to me and on numerous occasions to my car.

Think about it, a work environment kills off what remain of any flicker of compassion remaining in you.

I really wasn't surprised when my colleague said the bird was a nuisance.

We need more nature in our lives.

I wonder;

I could pretend to….

Oooh what the hell, it’s no use, i’m afraid that instead of the nature lover coming out, the ‘Cave man’ in me surfaces and I get into even more trouble.

No! Not worth it.

I’ll probably consider it if I win a huge jack pot, a lottery of sorts and then don’t need to work no more.

Till them, can I borrow you pea shooter?