Sunday, June 10, 2007

My first blog CAME TRUE!

On the 3rd of April 2007, I posted my first blog titled ‘NATION OF TRAFFIC LIGHTS’ where I criticize the Roads and Traffic directorate for setting up traffic lights in every nook and cranny, especially in the middle of high ways.

One of the areas I was emphasized on was the Traffic lights at the Al Khareeta ‘The Map traffic lights’, the junction that divides Manama and Tubli.

Well, what do you know; the government has announced a scheduled plan to remove the Traffic lights and build a fly-over instead.

The article that confirms it was in Thursday’s GDN;
BD10m project revamp on way

WAS I right or was I right?

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Juts keep in mind, NO REFUNDS.

It doesn’t matter if you agree with the results or not, I’ve got the gift, NOT YOU!