Sunday, June 10, 2007

Something that you desperately need, and you CAR can do without!

I have the Cure!

Laughter is a medicine that can heal a lot of ailments in us; it helps rectify the chemical imbalance, the build up of impurities (this one I made up); it has been scientifically proven that laughter is good for us.

So why do we not laugh in volumes when we know it’s good?

I love comedy and watch movies as much as I possibly can, but nowadays the quality leaves a lot to be desired, there are many dry comedies out there, some just not funny but rather cheap imitations of overused ploys; there are not many Rowan Atkinsons’ out there…
Now, feast your eyes on this;

Click & Clack the tappet brothers; the hosts of a very funny RADIO program about cars and car repairs, where people call in and explain their problems expecting a instructive assistance on how to fix the ailment with their car, unbeknown to them, the hosts of the program though very knowledgeable about cars, since they own garages and are mechanics, may at times propose the wildest cocktail of remedies imaginable.

If you are lucky you can catch them on the ‘Armed Forces Radio’ on 107.9 fm but, since I absolutely love the program and must get a dose of it every week, I download the PODCAST from the ITUNES site, which is free, and listen to it on my IPOD, just search for ‘NPR: Car Talk’.

Alternatively, you can visit their site and listen to the streaming media.

If you every see me in my car, laughing my @$$ off, then rest assured that I am listening to their program, just don’t drive your car close to me to confirm it, I may bump into you as I loose control.

I hope you listen to their show and come back and tell me what you think of them, if you are not a fan already.