Tuesday, June 19, 2007

CX movie review - Fantastic 4, rise of the Silver Surfer

Last weekend I went to the Cinema and watched the new F4 movie.

Big mistake, it was not worth the entrance fee, I should have waited until it came out of DVD.

The movie starts off well, the opening scene is cool; it’s in outer space, the scene slowly glides past planets until it comes up to what seems to be a world breaking up, slowly, with bursts of gigantic explosions protruding out of its surface; the planet then goes dark and dies.

The Plot
The Silver Surfer, a herald of Galactus – The world Devourer, swoops into earth on an excavation expedition with the intent to preparing the world for consumption by his master; and where ever the Silver Surfer goes, the world destroyer is not too far behind, off in the distant bringing with it death and destruction.
Our heroes are defeated on their first meeting with the Silver Surfer; with some valuable information provided to them by their arch nemeses DOOM they succeed in capturing him on the second attempt, and the prisoner is turned over to the army.
Realizing the DOOM has just used everyone to get what he really wanted, the Silver surf board which was the source of the Silver Surfer’s power; the team help the surfer to escape and retrieve his board before he then goes out and does a kamikaze and destroys Galactus, his master along with himself, thereby saving the world.

What I really thought of it:
I was crying at the end, not because it got to me emotionally but because it got to me in the worst way possible, it had made a hole in my pocket to the tune of BD6, and I didn’t even have a good time.

The acting was weak; everyone was just full of themselves. The movie plot was very weak, a battle between good and evil; a misguided convert that saves the day in the end; a wedding that has been postpone several times; a super heroes loosing his cool and powers when he need it the most; and finally, the writers should have known, Galactus is too big an adversary to be used in a movie this short.

I liked the special effects though, and some of the laughs but it was not enough to justify going to see it in the cinema.

It was Ok, not great.

The CX Rating

I give it a 6 out 0f 12.

And I recommend that you watch it on DVD if you get the urge to watch it.