Sunday, June 03, 2007

My Experiance with Seminars 'SUCK big-time'!

I'm attending a four day seminar, day one got over today (3rd June 2007).

It's hard to be attentive during a seminar when the room you're in is freezing cold; or when you are seated next to the entrance to the auditorium and the door does not shut properly, forming a sort of wind tunnel in the gap and thus producing a whistling noise similar to a tornado ( a very windy day in our terms), and the noise keeps ringing in your ear, and each time you get up and shut the door properly, a fellow attendee gets up to go out and leaving the door ajar behind them; or if you haven’t had a good nights sleep the previous day.

Other things that prevent me from grasping the subject matter are;
- When someone's mobile goes off, and rather than picking up the phone to silence the ring, the idiot allows it to continue ringing ant tries to look at who may be calling instead......Aaahhhhh
- People asking stupid questions or asking a question when the instructor has just given the answered to it
- Sitting directly under the air conditioner vent with no other seats vacant.
- The point that most pisses me OFF, is if the Seminar is here in Bahrain, SO no Business trip, no sight seeing for free, $hit that really sucks. I keep thinking of what could have been...and my great losssss...a lost opportunity to accumulate 'free mileage'!

I'm no coffee drinker, but when it gets so unbearably cold, i must pop out every 45 minutes and get a cup, and since I’m not a regular drinker, i am not very familiar on how much sugar or milk (coffee mate) to mix, so i gambled; my first attempt came out too sweat and my second bitter but i had a donut to sweeten my taste buds, so I win in the end.

Also, in my effort to continue to get my supply of coffee I inadvertently forgot to shut the door behind me, each time, so I too contributed to the hissing of the door.

The disadvantage of having this many drinks is that, yes, you have to frequently get up and go to the toilet to relieve yourself, also when your bladders are full, the cold some how gets back into your body?? Any which way you look at it I’m screwed!

A topic that almost always revives me from any state of limbo or boredom, and get my juices running is talking about People's dirty laundry or dragging their reputations in the dirt. Don't blame me, it's just human nature!

Usually, in Seminars i keep to myself with the occasional ‘hello’ and the nod of the head towards anyone who dares make eye contact with me; but on most occasions I just keep away from the weirdoes, who with my $hitty luck are the ones that talk a hell of a lot but never about anything that I am interested in, I never get the good ones or the good looking ones, or the ones that give away gifts.


At the end of the day, i do get a benefit out of attending the Seminar's that get forced upon me (delegated to), just once I’d like to be given the freedom and choice to attending one I like which is in a country I haven’t visited yet.

Here's to wishing that in future.....